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HP Z600 Workstation (2011)

HP's newest workstation follows the DNA of its 2009 Z series launch, with finned design, top handles and aluminium chassis intact. HP sent us the third-biggest child in the family, the Z800, to spend a bit of time with.

April 28, 2011 by

Dell prepping a workstation that actually looks good?

Usually tucked under the desk in a tiny cubicle, the humble workstation gets no love when it comes to industrial design. But the last bastion of the beige box may be getting a rather nice face lift, courtesy of Dell, if some images found on the Internet and supplied to Engadget are the real deal.

December 14, 2010 by

APC pumps fresh air into datacentres

It's a tough ask, basing a business on fresh air -- but that's what APC is now doing.After years of selling its InfrastruXure range of datacentre products, which plug together to provide an enclosed cooling design for rack-mounted servers, APC is now saying that fresh air is what you need to cool your computers.

November 15, 2010 by

We saved BT execs from jail, claims Azul Systems

Azul Systems makes corporate Java compute appliances — big boxes of custom multicore processors that run Java virtual machines orders of magnitude faster and at hugely less power than can standard x86 servers. There's a lot of very clever hardware and software design in there, and for the past few years the company has kept quiet about most of it.

September 5, 2009 by

IBM System x3650 M2

IBM remains a solid choice of server vendor, and this IBM/Lenovo server is a good rack-mount platform, albeit not quite as good as some of the competition.

August 20, 2009 by

Lenovo's latest laptops and first all-in-one desktop

Getting a jump on the Consumer Electronics Show, which kicks-off Wednesday, Lenovo announced today several new laptops and its first all-in-one desktop.The ThinkPad W700ds, which Lenovo claims is the first mobile workstation with two displays, has already received a lot of coverage on gadget blogs because of its novel design.

January 5, 2009 by

Sun launches Intel Workstation on X38 platform

Following last month's launch of dual-socket and quad-socket Intel-based servers, Sun Microsystems launched its first Intel based workstations in two decades.  The Sun Ultra 24 Workstation is based on the latest Intel X38 chipset (which replaced Intel's 975 chipset).

October 23, 2007 by

Desktop vs. workstation: Performance design

Sponsored: Dave Buckley, product line manager of workstations at HP, discusses the components of a performance design: slots, watts and bays; raw performance; form factor; and acoustic footprint.The content for this video was sponsored and provided by HP.

February 6, 2007 by

HP c-Class blades take energy efficiency to a new level

HP's newest c-Class blade chassis 16-blade system has brought energy efficiency design to a whole new level in server infrastructure. The unique design allows the system to shut down up to 5 of the 6 2250 watt power supplies to maintain a peak load on the remaining power supply which translates to more than 90% power supply efficiency. If power supply redundancy is needed and configured on the chassis, it will leave 2 of the power supplies on in case one of them should fail. This would translate to less than 140 watts of average power consumption for each of the 16 2-socket Intel or AMD based servers while they are operating at lower utilization levels.

September 6, 2006 by

HP slims down its blade chassis

Ann Livermore, executive vice president of Hewlett-Packard's Technology Solutions Group, introduces the BladeSystem C-Class -- a new chassis design for the company's blade server line. Livermore introduced HP Thermal Logic for power and cooling, HP Virtual Connect to improve virtualization and HP Insight Control to simplify management of the servers.

June 14, 2006 by

Dell pulls out blades in Paris

Dell has belatedly joined its competitors in offering own-design blade servers with the launch in Paris of the PowerEdge 1855.With shipments of blade servers due to double each year until 2008, according to industry analysts IDC, Dell is keen to take a share of the increased enterprise spend.

November 23, 2004 by

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