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New tool aids .Net developers in writing Linux, Mac OS X apps

Not all .Net developers are writing Windows apps. Some (besides Miguel de Icaza and his merry band of Mono folks) may be interested in writing Linux, Unix and Mac OS X apps, too. On November 10, Novell rolled out the final version of a new Visual Studio add-on aimed at these developers.

November 10, 2009 by

Apple to build browser into OS X

Macworld: Apple will integrate its new open-source browser, Safari, into Mac OS X. There is also the promise of an X11 windowing system that would enable Macs run Unix and Linux apps

January 9, 2003 by

64-Bit Unix Confusion

Big Blue is trying to put a happy face on its 64-bit Unix strategy. But many people still are hopping mad over how IBM is handling the morphing of Project Monterey into AIX 5L, an upcoming operating system that's supposed to run Linux, SCO UnixWare and IBM AIX apps.

August 30, 2000 by

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