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Kerish Doctor 2014

Kerish Doctor 2014 -- Windows Maintenance Center which features the latest technology developments. Kerish Doctor 2014 unique system prevents Wind...

13 weeks from now by Kerish Products

31 ways to improve your iPhone's battery life

Summary: Apple's latest iPhones pack as much power in as their predecessors, but not even nearly as much as their nearest competitors. By tweaking iOS 8, you can improve your iPhone's battery...

published 2 hours ago by Zack Whittaker

PaaSLane 2.5 optimizes Java and .NET apps for the cloud

Summary: Cloud Technology Partners has long offered tools and services to help mid-market companies and enterprises integrate and migrate applications into cloud computing environments. This...

published 7 hours ago by Dan Kusnetzky

What's inside the iPhone 6 Plus?

Summary: A teardown of the new iPhone 6 Plus reveals hidden innovations that Apple didn’t tell us about.

published 9 hours ago by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes

Apple Pay: Too complicated for the real world?

Summary: NFC payments are in common use across the UK, Europe and much of the rest of the world, to speed up small value transactions. Why slow things down with a biometric signature?

published 10 hours ago by By Simon Bisson for 500 words into the future | September 19, 2014 -- 11:23 GMT (04:23 PDT)

Sponsored by Red Hat & Intel

Security challenges for cloud environments

Summary: The advent of virtualisation and cloud computing has eliminated physical bonds between users and IT infrastructure, leading to an entirely new set of IT security challenges for the...

published 15 hours ago by Ram Lakshminarayanan