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Google Chrome drops support for early Intel Macs

Summary: Google is transitioning its Chrome browser to 64-bit, which means that Mac owners running older Intel hardware will need to find a new browser or risk running an unpatched browser.

published 4 hours ago by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes

Microsoft hit with $140m tax bill in China?

Summary: Microsoft and the Chinese government appear to have reached a deal over back taxes.

published 7 hours ago by By Liam Tung | November 26, 2014 -- 09:47 GMT (01:47 PST)


Type in the name of the cartoon character that appears. Earn currency for every correct answer. use the hint button to get clues for questions you ...

published 10 hours ago by Underground Makr

Stones Solo Theme

TheStones Solo Theme with gorgeous UI is now available!Brand new Stones Solo Theme style,5-STARS quality100+ Beautiful redesigned HD (144*144) icon...

published 14 hours ago by CatrielAksuty8

ZUI Locker

ZUI Locker is a simple, elegant screen locker which will give you the best mobile experience. You will see a high-quality wallpaper which is select...

published 14 hours ago by ZUI Locker

Unlocking Android - Rooting +

Unlocking Android is the ultimate guide on unlocking the full potential of your device. You can learn how to root your device, unlock the boot load...

published 14 hours ago by BigTooth Apps

GO Locker: Silent Christmas

Silent Christmas GoLockerIt is GOLocker Theme which requires GOLocker applications installed.To enable the GOLocker Theme do the following steps:- ...

published 15 hours ago by Androvalley