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Apple and supplier GT strike breakup deal

Summary: Apple and its sapphire material supplier have agreed on a deal to repay debts to Apple but an explanation for what went wrong remains under wraps.

published 2 hours ago by By Liam Tung | October 22, 2014 -- 09:21 GMT (02:21 PDT)

SST Android Suite

SST Android Suite is free software. It includes SST Android Data Backup Tool, SST Contacts /Messages/ Call logs Backup Tool and SST Advanced Adb Sh...

published 12 hours ago by SST-GSM

Yahoo trumps Google: In mobile disclosure

Summary: Yahoo's mobile apps are now material to the company and on a $1.2 billion annual run rate. Google dances around the mobile monetization topic even as Facebook can't shut up about its...

published 12 hours ago by Larry Dignan

HP's Sprout: Can it be a game changer?

Summary: If reports about HP's next computing play are true, the company will promote 3D scanning and a computing interface that rhymes with work conducted by Microsoft Research.

published 13 hours ago by Larry Dignan

New Windows zero day being exploited through PowerPoint

Summary: A vulnerability exists in Windows OLE for all versions except Server 2003. The company has released a workaround to block known attacks, but newer attacks could still get through.

published 13 hours ago by Larry Seltzer

SAP outlines HANA updates

Summary: SAP kicked off its TechEd & d-code conference with new features and tools for its HANA platform.

published 15 hours ago by Larry Dignan

iCloud attack is blunt and obvious

Summary: A man-in-the-middle (MITM) attack in China against logins to Apple's iCloud is easily-detected by web browsers, but appears sophisticated in other ways.

published 19 hours ago by Larry Seltzer

IPv6 picks up steam

Summary: Slowly, ever so slowly, IPv6 adoption is starting to gain momentum, but we need to start moving to it before mobile devices and the Internet of Things leaves us scrambling for the...

published 19 hours ago by Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols

Why the Mac momentum may just be starting

Summary: Apple has been happy for Mac sales to coast along in the 3.5 to 4.5 million range for several years now, but that looks set to change.

published 21 hours ago by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes