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My Talking Tom Game Guide

My Talking Tom Game Guide will teach exactly what you need to know in order to become an expert player and get unlimited coins. This is a complete ...

5 years from now by HiddenStuffEntertainment

Oracle's $5.3bn MICROS purchase gets EC thumbs-up

Summary: With approval from Europe's regulatory authorities now in the bag, Oracle's planned buyout of the retail and hospitality firm is approaching its conclusion.

published 11 hours ago by Toby Wolpe

Japan allows electronics on flights

Summary: Japan is moving to let airline passengers use smartphones, tablets, and other electronic devices during flight, but only if they are switched to flight mode during take-off and landing,...

published 16 hours ago by Leon Spencer

New laws open door for ACT information privacy commissioner

Summary: The Australian Capital Territory's new information privacy laws, which came into effect today, open the door for the appointment of an information privacy commissioner for the territory.

published 17 hours ago by Leon Spencer


Automagically extract the chords for any song stored on your iPhone or iPad!

published 23 hours ago by NUI