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My Talking Tom Game Guide

My Talking Tom Game Guide will teach exactly what you need to know in order to become an expert player and get unlimited coins. This is a complete ...

5 years from now by HiddenStuffEntertainment

Little Bit Evil Free

Traditional Defense and top quality graphics! Build and upgrade towers, use special landmarks, practise magic and perfect your tactics to defend th...

18 weeks from now by CP Decision Limited

The Null Society

Agent, we need your help! Join The Null Society and help Agent Disco and his team infiltrate The Black Market. Travel the world in search of intel,...

6 weeks from now by Perfect World Entertainment Inc

Fiona Floyd leaves Suncorp Life CIO role

Summary: Suncorp Life's chief information officer, Fiona Floyd, has left her role with the company, as it undergoes internal restructuring efforts.

published 48 minutes ago by Leon Spencer

Vodafone boosts 4G network with 850MHz spectrum refarm

Summary: Vodafone will be drawing from the low-band 850MHz spectrum holding that currents supports its 3G network to boost its 4G network coverage to aim at covering 95 percent of Australia's...

published 1 hour ago by Aimee Chanthadavong

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CIOs: in the eye of a business and technology storm

Summary: A recent survey with IDG Research Services revealed that CIOs can be the best drivers for business innovation within their organizations. The results we saw from this survey suggested...

published 1 hour ago by Dirk-Peter van Leeuwen

Government contradicts on data retention: iiNet

Summary: iiNet's chief regulatory officer Steve Dalby has called on the Australian government to clearly state what data it is considering forcing telecommunications companies to retain, claiming...

published 1 hour ago by Josh Taylor

Mobile apps galore for managing business cards

Summary: Still managing stacks of 'analog' contacts? These smartphone applications could make life easier; some even boast direct connections to LinkedIn and

published 6 hours ago by Heather Clancy

DARPA funded proof of concept speeds up cloud provisioning

Summary: The aim of DARPA's CORONET project, which included IBM, AT&T, Applied Communications Sciences and others, was to create technology that could string together cloud networks on the...

published 6 hours ago by Larry Dignan

Yosemite usage rates double following public beta

Summary: Following the start of the OS X Yosemite public beta on July 24, 2014, North American web traffic for the operating system jumped to 0.6 percent of total OS X traffic.

published 9 hours ago by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes

Mozilla picks one of its own to be its new CEO

Summary: Mozilla has selected Chris Beard, who started with the company with the release of Firefox 1.0, to be its chief executive.

published 11 hours ago by Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols

Amazon's Fire Phone costs $205 to build

Summary: Amazon's debut entry into the smartphone arena, the Fire Phone, costs more than Apple's iPhone 5S to build, but less than Samsung's Galaxy S5.

published 11 hours ago by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes

How Amazon knows so much about you – and how to regain your privacy

Summary: My Amazon home page shows me how much the company knows about me and my online activities. Here we show you which privacy and security settings can help you reduce the information...

published 12 hours ago by By Eileen Brown for Social Business | July 28, 2014 -- 15:55 GMT (08:55 PDT)