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Extending Dunbar's Number with the social web

Summary: British professor Robin Dunbar suggests that we can maintain stable social relationships with only 150 people, but I think today's social web allows for a much greater number.Dunbar...

February 15, 2009 by By Andrew Mager for The Web Life | February 15, 2009 -- 16:08 GMT (08:08 PST)

Vodafone to monitor mobile chat around the clock

Summary: Vodafone Australia said it planned to introduce 24-hour moderators and profanity filters in its mobile chat-rooms as part of a range of measures to reduce potential for paedophiles...

October 27, 2004 by By Andrew Colley | October 27, 2004 -- 22:49 GMT (15:49 PDT)

Police question Vodafone Australia's chatroom stance

Summary: The head of a Queensland Police Internet child abuse protection unit has outlined safety concerns about mobile phone chatrooms after recent reports they are being used by paedophiles.Vodaf...

October 21, 2004 by By Andrew Colley | October 22, 2004 -- 00:10 GMT (17:10 PDT)

Government increases proposed jail terms for Web grooming

Summary: Those who use the Internet to make contact with children before attempting to sexually abuse them could soon be jailed for up to a decade

November 3, 2003 by By Graeme Wearden | November 3, 2003 -- 17:20 GMT (09:20 PST)

Is MSN hiding behind social responsibility?

Summary: Was decision to scrap chatrooms taken for the kids or for the bank manager?

September 24, 2003 by By staff | September 24, 2003 -- 16:07 GMT (09:07 PDT)

Government unveils 'grooming laws'

Summary: Those convicted of the new offence of making online contact with children with the intention of later abuse will face up to five years in jail

January 30, 2003 by By Will Sturgeon | January 30, 2003 -- 09:41 GMT (01:41 PST)

Hopes raised for Internet grooming ban

Summary: The British government plans to update the laws on sexual offences, including taking account of the way that paedophiles are using the Internet to contact children

November 13, 2002 by By Graeme Wearden | November 13, 2002 -- 14:23 GMT (06:23 PST)

Net paedophile investigation breaks new ground

Summary: Covert tactics have been used for the first time to arrest and sentence a British Internet paedophile

January 22, 2002 by By Wendy McAuliffe | January 22, 2002 -- 11:33 GMT (03:33 PST)

Virtual hotel cracks down on cybersex

Summary: UPDATED: An Internet chat site for teenagers has been forced to hire 200 moderators to cool down some of the conversations

October 17, 2001 by By Wendy McAuliffe | October 17, 2001 -- 14:12 GMT (07:12 PDT)

UK to criminalise chatroom meetings

Summary: New UK laws will make it a criminal offence for Net predators to arrange to meet a child offline.

July 22, 2001 by By Wendy McAuliffe | July 23, 2001 -- 05:24 GMT (22:24 PDT)

Straw makes Internet grooming an election issue

Summary: Opposition parties slam home secretary's U-turn on criminalising the practice, saying Labour is stealing their ideas

May 21, 2001 by By Wendy McAuliffe | May 21, 2001 -- 12:37 GMT (05:37 PDT)