Sears keeps Teradata analytics platform, eyes private cloud

Sears keeps Teradata analytics platform, eyes private cloud

Summary: Sears is consolidating its analytics and big data infrastructure and going open source as much as possible. Teradata is sticking around at the retailer.


Retailer Sears Holdings has retooled its Teradata analytics infrastructure and used the analytics' company private cloud platform.

The news is notable since Sears is systematically tossing its legacy providers in favor of open source software as its big data and analytics hub.

Apparently, Teradata is one of the companies sticking around as Sears consolidates its enterprise data warehouses. Sears plans to go from 10 data warehouses to two. One of those data warehouses will be completely open source.

Specifically, Sears refreshed its infrastructure with Teradata's Active Enterprise Data Warehouse Platform 6690, which uses both solid state and traditional hard drives.

Sears is also adding Teradata's ADW Private Cloud to deliver analytics on demand and handle spikes in usage. The company's Teradata implementation will be on the "multi-petabyte" scale.

More on Sears' big data plans:

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  • Confusing....

    This is a confusing strategy, SHC is all over the map on their big data and DW strategy having just come out with a proclamation from their CTO that their DW environment would migrate to Hadoop. Guess that's not the case..... no wonder SHC is in such a tailspin...
    Kia Ora IV