Secure your iPad to your desk with the Soft Touch Flex holder (review)

Secure your iPad to your desk with the Soft Touch Flex holder (review)

Summary: The iPad is a useful device that many people use away from their desks. With a mounting solution like the Soft Touch Flex holder you can take advantage of the screen real estate while working at your desk.

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  • (Image: Matthew Miller/ZDNet)

    Package contents of the Soft Touch Flex holder

    When I am at my desk, my iPad usually sits in my bag ready to go or is propped up in an external keyboard cover so I can have streaming video playing while I work. The folks at Soft Touch Manufacturing have a couple of iPad stands that let you mount your iPad securely to a desk with a clamp or clip.

    I was sent a black Soft Touch Flex Holder with clamp. There are three pieces that are a part of this kit, including the clamp with Flex link arm, iPad mount, and quick-release adapter. You will notice only two pieces in the box, since the quick-release adapter is inserted into the iPad mount already.

    The first thing to do is find a secure place on your desk where you will be able to use your iPad while it is mounted. Unscrew the clamp to fit the thickness of your desk, it works with desks from 1/2 inch to 2 inches thick, slide the clamp into place, and turn the wing nut screw to tighten the clamp. There are durable rubber pads on each side of the clamp to protect your desk from any damage as you secure the clamp.

    The directions next direct you to insert the quick release adapter, with the iPad mount attached, into the Flex link arm. However, I found it easier to place my iPad down on a table and then attach the iPad mount on the back first and then place my mounted iPad into the Flex link arm. Since the quick release adapter is designed to let you pull off your iPad quickly and easily I figure this way lets me make sure my iPad is secured in the iPad mount first.

    The easiest way to secure your iPad into the four spring loaded arms of the iPad mount is to place one side of your iPad into two arms and then pull out the other two corners carefully and insert the corners of your iPad. The corner brackets and spring loaded arms seem to hold the iPad quite securely in place.

    After placing your mounted iPad into the Flex link arm, you simply tighten the quick release screw. The quick-release adapter has a textured end so that nothing slides around when connected. The final step is to simply adjust the particular angle and position of your mounted iPad. The Flex link arm has six individual pliable links so you can get it just right.

    I previously discovered the Air Display (iTunes link) utility that lets me use my iPad as a secondary display for my computer. The Soft Touch Flex Holder is a perfect companion for using your iPad as a second display.

    The Soft Touch Flex Holder is available for $49.95 in black, white, blue, pink, red, and green color variants. It comes with a one-year manufacturers' warranty and you may be pleased to know it is made in the US, 100 percent in Colorado. It also has stands for older iPad models, cameras, and flashlights to help with your hands-free experience.

  • (Image: Matthew Miller/ZDNet)

    Quick-release adapter attached to mount

    The quick-release adapter secures to the iPad mount. Notice the textured end of the adapter that helps keep your iPad from rotating when attached to the arm.

Topics: Mobility, iPad, Reviews

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  • Last photo, the 2nd iPad is better mounted with its keyboard

    In the last photo, your 2nd iPad which is between the iPad fixed at the corner of the table and the desktop computer. This 2nd iPad has a better mount. It seems to stand on its own with its additional keyboard. This type of mount is more efficient because you can move it around your desk. I think you can take it even on your lap and type with it.

    I have an Acer 11.6" laptop which looks very similar to your 2nd iPad. Except that my laptop is cheaper, more powerful, has 128 MB SSD and works as a real computer (accepts USB devices and external storage)
    • Ummm...

      Pretty sure that's a Dell laptop, idiot.