Security with bite: 15 technologies tested

Security with bite: 15 technologies tested

Summary: In this special review, we round up the various authentication devices on the market. From fingerprint scanners, to single sign-on software and biometric technology -- we have the authentication market covered.

Biometrics (cont.)

Vendor Digital Persona
Phone 650 474 4019
Technology Biometric fingerprint scanner
Model U.are.U 4000 Sensor
Price AU$229.90
Interoperability ½
Supports Windows XP, 2003, 2000, ME and even Windows 98. Also comes in workstation and server flavours.
Futureproofing ½
Quite secure professional biometric fingerprint scanner with application software to back it up.
Very well priced considering the ease of use and the benefit users would get from running a device like this.
12 months for hardware and 30 days for software is average for these types of devices.

Vendor Microsoft
Phone 132 058
Technology Biometric fingerprint scanner/password management
Model Microsoft Fingerprint Reader
Price AU$99.95
Interoperability ½
Interoperability is limited to Microsoft Windows XP.
Futureproofing ½
Due to its operating system limitations there is no real futureproofing built into this product.
Fair price for the peace of mind and certainly better than a simple password for Windows XP logins.
3-year warranty is very good, particularly for a AU$100 product.
Rating ½

Authentication vs authorisation
Passwords and token devices
Single sign-on
Smartcards/Proximity Cards
Smartcards (cont.)
Biometrics (cont.)
Digital Certificates/Signatures
Notebook with fingerprint scanner
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  • You missed just one new technology

    You should have included in your testing the CAT (Cellular Authentication Token) by Mega AS Ltd (

    The is the best Authentication (cost/performance) available today.