Security with bite: 15 technologies tested

Security with bite: 15 technologies tested

Summary: In this special review, we round up the various authentication devices on the market. From fingerprint scanners, to single sign-on software and biometric technology -- we have the authentication market covered.


Authentication vs authorisation
Passwords and token devices
Single sign-on
Smartcards/Proximity Cards
Smartcards (cont.)
Biometrics (cont.)
Digital Certificates/Signatures
Notebook with fingerprint scanner
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Digital Certificates/Signatures

Device to device authentication and secure online transactions are a little bit harder to achieve, particularly if the customer is not already known, qualified and trusted by the merchant.

In this new era of corporate compliance and policy enforcement, it is best to cover all bases when it comes to security.

So to ensure a device is really what it says it is then digital certificates come into use. Two vendors who are well established in electronic transactions, secure communications, encryption and authentication are Verisign and RSA. These security vendors also have a range of tokens and associated software available.

Vendor Fujitsu
Phone 02 9776 4555
Technology Notebook with biometric fingerprint scanner
Model Fujitsu S-Series Lifebook
Price AU$3999
Good feature set, multi-format memory card reader is a plus.
Futureproofing ½
Fingerprint recogniton, good HD capacity. No Gigabit LAN. Small screen.
A little bit more expensive but it’s light and well featured. Performance was not too bad.
Service ½
1-year international (optional 2 years extended local warranty).

Vendor HP
Phone 132 347
Technology Notebook with smart card reader, PDA with biometric fingerprint scanner
Model NC6220 & iPAQ H5550
Price From AU$2795
Very neat, compact, yet sturdy notebook based on the new Intel "Sonoma" chip set.
Futureproofing ½
This notebook has all the bells and whistles, including DVD burner, SD memory card reader, as well as a smart card subsystem.
Very well priced for the latest technology with a decent amount of features.
3-year on site.
Rating ½

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  • You missed just one new technology

    You should have included in your testing the CAT (Cellular Authentication Token) by Mega AS Ltd (

    The is the best Authentication (cost/performance) available today.