SellSimple helps to sell your junk via multiple venues

SellSimple helps to sell your junk via multiple venues

Summary: One person's trash is another person's treasure is the old trope. A new iOS app promises to simplify the selling process and allow you to sell in multiple venues at once.

TOPICS: Apple, Apps, iOS, iPhone

SellSimple is a new website and iOS app (free, App Store) that allows you to list your items for sale on several popular marketplaces and social networks simultaneously from your iPhone -- in under a minute. After setting up an account, it's just of matter of snapping a few photos of your, ahem, "treasure," entering a description and choosing a shipping price and/or local pickup option.

Your item is immediately listed on the marketplace and you have the option to also list in on: eBay, Etsy, Craigslist, Facebook, Twitter and to share it via Text Message and/or Email.  I received a question about a test item I posted last night via push notification on my iPhone about a minute after posting it. I haven't yet tried cross-posting the same item to multiple services, but the app certainly has a lot of potential for simplifying what could be a dauntiing task.

Topics: Apple, Apps, iOS, iPhone

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  • Will it help Loverock Davidson sell his 20 Surfaces that seem to

    have severe hardware problems?
    Over and Out
    • That's a Great Idea!

      I'll combine the RT, Zune, Kin and Nokia WP8 as a "failed MS technology package". With 6 market places I may get one hit . . .