Seven mail servers tested

Seven mail servers tested

Summary: Exchange might be the most popular but is it the best? We test the alternatives.


Basic Mail Server Security
IBM Domino
Ipswitch iMail Server
Kerio MailServer
Microsoft Exchange
Novell Groupwise
SuSE Linux OpenExchange
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Sample scenarios
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Sample scenario 1

This company has 200 users but is looking to expand to 400+ in the next few years.

Approximate budget: Small

Requires: A mail server that can cope with the company's intended growth.

Concerns: Cost -- the mail server needs to be inexpensive and easy to maintain.

The Scenario 1 winner is Novell's SuSE Linux based OpenExchange, closely followed by Sendmail. Novell's application is far easier to manage, but also costs $$$.

Sample scenario 2

This large company has 30,000 staff spread across five geographic locations and requires a mail server.

Approximate budget: Open.

Requires: A mail server that is powerful and secure. Remote administration and Web access for travelling staff is a must.

Concerns: Cost isn't an issue, but reliability is very important.

The Scenario 2 winner is IBM Domino for its scalability, support, and mobile options. It also helped that cost wasn't an issue for the scenario company.

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  • Huh? IBM wins Scenario 2, but MS Exchange wins overall?
    Sorry? And MS costs almost as much for 25 users as Domino does for 200 users!? And your rating is 3.5 to 4.5!

    I am not a raving Domnio person either - I have installed a demo, but not fully committed to either: In fact I need Scenario 0.5 - 100 users, mulitple offices.

    Which I guess is somewhere else IBM comes ahead - you can run multiple servers, as it is licensed *per user*. Unlike Exchange, whose cost skyrockets if you want redundancy!

    Your report seems to have some bias in that it also did not price MSeX for wither Scenario - just gave one simple price!