Seven mail servers tested

Seven mail servers tested

Summary: Exchange might be the most popular but is it the best? We test the alternatives.


Basic Mail Server Security
IBM Domino
Ipswitch iMail Server
Kerio MailServer
Microsoft Exchange
Novell Groupwise
SuSE Linux OpenExchange
What to look for
Sample scenarios
Editor's choice
About RMIT

About RMIT IT Test Labs

RMIT IT Test Labs RMIT IT Test Labs is an independent testing institution based in Melbourne, Victoria, performing IT product testing for clients such as IBM, Coles-Myer, and a wide variety of government bodies. In the Labs' testing for T&B, they are in direct contact with the clients supplying products and the magazine is responsible for the full cost of the testing. The findings are the Labs' own -- only the specifications of the products to be tested are provided by the magazine. For more information on RMIT, please contact the Lab Manager, Steven Turvey.

Topics: Browser, Broadband, Collaboration, Enterprise Software, Hardware, Microsoft, Servers

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  • Huh? IBM wins Scenario 2, but MS Exchange wins overall?
    Sorry? And MS costs almost as much for 25 users as Domino does for 200 users!? And your rating is 3.5 to 4.5!

    I am not a raving Domnio person either - I have installed a demo, but not fully committed to either: In fact I need Scenario 0.5 - 100 users, mulitple offices.

    Which I guess is somewhere else IBM comes ahead - you can run multiple servers, as it is licensed *per user*. Unlike Exchange, whose cost skyrockets if you want redundancy!

    Your report seems to have some bias in that it also did not price MSeX for wither Scenario - just gave one simple price!