Seven reasons to buy the new Google Nexus 7

Seven reasons to buy the new Google Nexus 7

Summary: Google announced the new Nexus 7 tablet yesterday and after reading about it I decided there was more than enough in this new tablet to pre-order my own.

Seven reasons to buy the new Google Nexus 7
(Image: Google Play Store)

Yesterday Google announced the new Nexus 7 device that leapfrogs the iPad Mini, for now. I own last year's Nexus 7, but just pre-ordered a new 32GB WiFi model at Best Buy yesterday and here are seven reasons I made that decision.

The new Nexus 7 comes in 16GB ($229) and 32GB ($269) WiFi models that will be available on 30 July. A LTE model that works on T-Mobile, AT&T, and Verizon will be available in the future for $349. With my smartphones now all having tethering capability I went for a 32GB WiFi model that you can pre-order at Best Buy now, but am still considering the LTE model too.

Reason #1: I need Android in my life

I use Gmail, Google+, Google Play Movies, Google Maps Navigation, and more Google services on a daily basis and have now integrated their services into my life. I love my HTC One, but as a smartphone reviewer I jump between a lot of mobile operating systems. Having a Nexus 7 gives me a portable, consistent Android companion that helps provide Google services even if I am using a Windows Phone 8 or BlackBerry 10 device for my smartphone needs.

Reason #2: Android OS updates

The new Nexus 7 launches with Android 4.3 and like the previous model and Nexus smartphone line, it will get the next versions of Android first. We will likely see Android 5, aka Key Lime Pie, sometime before the end of 2013 and you can bet the Nexus 7 will get that update.

Reason #3: The price is right

The WiFi only models are $229 and $269, which are more expensive than last year's Nexus 7 offering for a lot more device. When you look at the iPad Mini at $329 and $429 though, the Nexus 7 is attractively priced.

I understand the iPad Mini has a slightly larger display, but the new Nexus 7 blows the iPad display out of the water. You can look at comparable Amazon Kindle Fire HD unit and see they are similar in price, yet the new Nexus 7 offers an optimal Google experience rather than an Amazon one.

Reason #4: 9 hours of HD playback

My daily commute consists of 2 hours of train riding and I can be found on an airplane about once a month. I like renting movies from the Google Play Store and with the 3,950 mAh battery on the new Nexus 7 it looks like I can travel across the country and be covered for entertainment.

Reason #5: High resolution display

The new Nexus 7 comes with a 1920x1200 pixels LCD at 323 ppi, which is a jump from 1290x800 pixels and 216 ppi seen on last year's model. As most of my smartphones now have pixel density like this, my eyes are spoiled by high resolution displays.

The iPad Mini has a 163 ppi display while the iPad 3 that I enjoy using has a 236 ppi display. I can't wait to see the new Nexus 7 display in person next week.

Reason #6: Qi wireless charging

Nokia spoiled me with wireless charging in the Lumia 920 and now I want that in all of my devices. I have three Qi wireless charging pads at home and in the office and find it much more convenient to just set down a device on the pad rather than messing around with a microUSB cable and figuring out which end is up to plug it in.

Reason #7: Stereo speakers

The HTC One is a device that has also spoiled me, with its fantastic BoomSound front facing speaker system. The new Nexus 7 has stereo speakers with Surround Sound powered by Fraunhofer and if it is anything like the amazing sound found on the Chromebook Pixel I will be impressed.

While I use headphones on my commute and airplane, I also often show videos from YouTube and Facebook to my family with my HTC One so having good speakers is important to me as well.

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  • A minor incremental update at best

    It must be nice having enough disposable income to chuck a piece of technology that's only a year old, just because you want the newest model that makes things look prettier and has a slightly better battery.

    From a purely functional standpoint, there's virtually no difference between the new model and the old one other than battery life. The old Nexus 7 will get the same Android updates and run the same apps as the new model. $200+ to make your icons look sharper and save the two seconds it takes to plug in a charger doesn't seem like a smart investment to me.
    • Hey dumba55...'s his JOB to buy & use these devices.

      Now... go back under your bridge immediately.
      • Dude! Is that how you communicate?

        Do you really have to drag down the whole forum with name calling? Grow up.
        Techyard Dog
        • well said

          well said Dog....but truly, there's nothing that great about this flavour of Nexus 7
          Kia Ora IV
          • have you thought that maybe all of us haven't purchased yet?

            I don't have a tablet yet - this is useful info for me.
          • I have an old Nexus 7

            And love it! I would like to get the new one, but the current one still satisfies my needs.

            I'm finding I'm using my desktop far less nowadays, as I do most of my social networking, email and general browsing on the Nexus 7 tablet.

            Oh! I just got the Android 4.3 update sent to the tablet...
            I am Gorby
          • Replacing Xoom

            The Nexus 7 (2013 version) is far and away a better device than my Motorola Xoom, which is very sluggish and slow loading web pages, or anything, for that matter. Where can we pre-order them? I want the 32 GB LTE version, and I have Verizon.
    • Yeah...

      Mostly agree, I'm not really seeing anything that's making me wish I hadn't bought a Nexus 7 last year. A microSD card slot, or a bump from 16/32 to 32/64 gb of storage might have done that for me, if the price had remained relatively unchanged. As it stands, I'll hold on to my Nexus 7 for at least another year.
      • I agree

        It would have been a huge difference if they had included a card slot, at least for me. Photos, music, movies add up to a need for additional storage.
        I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 that rocks. They will have to do better than that to get me to upgrade within 2 years.
        Techyard Dog
        • upgrading is your choice

          Not that long ago,I bought a galaxy tab 2 7.0, because I wanted a microSD card plus a rear camera, and this was the Brest one to get for the money. The screen is okay, but battery life is par at best, since the battery is so small. This new nexus 7 blows my tab 2 out of the water, and I will probably exchange this tab 2 for a nexus 7 instead of the tab 3 8.0. I can live without a memory card reader for better battery, display, and performance. If you have a current nexus 7, you may not want to upgrade as much, since it has better specs to start with, but this makes me rabbit tempted to upgrade
          • Another option

            There is another option that I am looking at. This is the new Asus 7-inch tab. I think it is called MeMo Pad HD 7. In my market (UK), it will be released sometime next month (August) and will have a MicroSD slot, which means I can buy the 8GB version. The screen will not be as good as the new Nexus 7 though, but for the price and the MicroSD slot, I think it would work well.
          • if you can sacrifice performance

            The new memo pad from Asus is to the New nexus 7 as the older memo pad from last year is to the older nexus 7. It ads a micro SD slot and lowers the price at the expense of a processor at the same caliber as the nexus 7's. If it cost a few dollars more, but had the same snapdragon chip as in the new nexus 7, I'd sacrifice vanilla absurd, since Addis is pretty good with updates.
    • Seriously?

      More than twice the linear resolution.
      Nearly 400% improvement in Graphics including Open GL 3 Support.
      A second camera
      1.6x the processing power

      This is a minor improvement? Let me guess, you own an iPad?
      • Specs don't sway me anymore

        Its like Apple always did. Throw a bunch of specs out there comparing with a older model. But then actually user experience changes very little. They are minor improvements when you understand they are simply catching up to the rest.
        • No, nexus needs to catch up

          The nexus may be new, but it's android powered, what if this still lags or still needs more apps like the app store and needs to connect to the tv? Only apple has these, more apps, no lag, speed, retina display compared to hd, ios 6 and later 7 between android 4.3, and many thing macs can do with ipad.
          Raleigh Brecht
          • Umm, catch up to what exactly?

            Every one of your points is either overblown FUD, or just plain wrong. The display on the new Nexus 7 has a higher pixel density than any Ipad, and it destroys the Mini in this regard. You do realize "retina display" is a nonsense term made up by Apple, right? Hell, even the old Nexus was equal to the Mini, which has an awful low-res display. The Nexus 7 can connect to a TV via HDMI directly, or with the new device unveiled yesterday which costs 35 dollars wirelessly. The size of the Android app store surpassed the Apple App store back in October of last year. Everything you're saying is wrong.
            Alpaca Lips
          • Hahah look at the fearful Apple fanboy complain.

            What, complaints from a appleboy that doesn't even own one?
            The old Nexus 7 never lagged and always blew away the IPad and the new will even more so.
            Nick Thompson
          • Catch up?

            Try running "FLASH" content on your crapple ipud. Even some Java isn't available.
            You ipud depends on "apps". Your not getting the true web experience. Even PDF files are quirky. The ipud is more of a copy of an iPhone with all the limitations that goes with it. And why? Crapple wants to create a market for the apps in the crapple store instead of giving you the freedom to get quality content for free. Try printing photos with one of these things. It's more of a toy than a serious tablet for business.
          • More apps?

            Are you kidding, or living years in the past. Breaking (dusty) News: Android has lots of apps for everything you can think of. Welcome to today.
          • More apps?

            Are you kidding, or living years in the past. Breaking (dusty) News: Android has lots of apps for everything you can think of. Welcome to today.