How to lose your job in under 24 hours

How to lose your job in under 24 hours

Summary: Amy Cheong, ex-assistant director of NTUC, had a Facebook posting that lit the Singapore Internet scene and got her fired.


When Jules Verne wrote Around the World in Eighty Days in 1873, it captured the imagination of the state of technology to accomplish such a feat.

In modern travel, going around the world in 80 hours would probably not be worthy of mention at the watercooler.

As another testament to the power of technology, an assistant director with the National Trade Union Congress, Amy Cheong, made a Facebook posting on a Sunday evening and by Monday afternoon, she was fired from her job and had left the country shortly after.

In the interim, Facebook pages calling for her termination had gone up, a couple of politicians had weighed in with their views, op ed pieces had appeared, and newspaper interviews were lined up. (Not to mention searches for Amy Cheong were trending skyward.)

The Internet can make one an overnight star, and it can bring down one overnight. Watch what you say over the Net--the advice to always mull over a posting is a wise one.

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Bryan Tan

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Bryan is Pinsent Masons's technology media and telecommunications partner in Singapore and has practised since 1997. He advises on contracting and risk management in the areas of information systems and telecommunications, including intellectual property, data data privacy, e-commerce, cloud computing, and sourcing. He also has advised 10 different governments on e-commerce law.

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  • Whu?

    Well, what the heck did she say? This article is worse tan useless without a little meat.
    • check this
      Ram U
      • OK...

        OK, I think I'm starting to understand. Reading though these articles (and links therein) I'm finding that none of them list or even describe the Cheong Facebook posting except in the most general of terms. My suspicion is that Mr. Tan is not telling us what Ms. Cheong posted on her Facebook page for fear of possible legal reprecussions. Singapore isn't exactly a bastion of civil liberties, and any journalist reporting on the incident probably runs the risk of running afoul of anti-defamation laws just writing about it.

        The Facebook posting you linked to provides the missing info (though I did have to Google the phrase "void deck"). A pretty disgraceful post, no doubt, dripping with disdain for folks of more limited financial means than the author.
    • Amy Cheong Facebook posting....
  • That was a waste of space

    Thanks for the summary that a 2 year old can write. Crack journalism there.
  • Speaking of loosing your job

    With an article like that, you could lose your job faster. What the hell was that!!
  • Please fire Bryan Tan within 24 hours.

    Please fire Bryan Tan within 24 hours.
  • Who, what, when, where, and most importantly, why???

    Why was she fired? What did she post that caused the uproar? And who's letting Bryan Tan publish these articles?