Shaq backed CallSnap incoming call manager launches on Android

Shaq backed CallSnap incoming call manager launches on Android

Summary: Shaquille O’Neal teamed up as a shareholder and global brand ambassador to promote CallSnap. This new version allows you to respond to calls with a photo or voice message in case you are just too busy to accept the call.

Shaq backed CallSnap incoming call manager launches on Android
(Image: TIP Solutions)

If you follow Shaquille O'Neal on Twitter then you know he is a fan of mobile technology. He has teamed up with TIP Solutions to promote their new CallSnap Android application that provides some show or tell functions to respond to incoming calls.

The CallSnap application is free and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store now. I installed it onto my Moto X yesterday and tested it with a couple of incoming calls.

When the call first came in my default Moto X call manager launched, but then after about a second the CallSnap app appeared with large round buttons that let me choose to accept or decline the call along with the ability to respond with a photo or a quick voice note.

Responding with a quick photo makes sense if you are busy in a loud environment, such as at a basketball game, and lets you quickly share a bit of that experience with the caller. I haven't yet tried the voice note response, but could see that being useful if you just don't have time for a call and want to respond with a bit of a personal touch.

You can choose photos from a gallery or capture one yourself, but these responses do require you to spend a few seconds responding so it is definitely not as quick as just declining the call. Then again, giving people a bit of context while you are declining their call may prevent repeated callbacks and end up making the call experience better.

The responses are sent back as MMS messages so your caller will receive the response in their text message application.

Shaq is working with TIP Solutions on many other applications and services, including an iOS and Android app that provides consumers with a missed call log when the phone is off the network. At this time, you only see these missed calls if someone leaves a voicemail, but the intent of the new app is to capture those other calls. This could be very helpful for business travelers who miss calls while flying.

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  • seems useless to me!!

    when you are busy you are bust, can't record message or send photoes.

    Also you share photos, when you take not when someone calls you. He might be calling to tell you his wife eloped and you send him basketball photos.

    Lastly if you really want personal touch, instead of a 5 sec one way message, better spend 5 sec telling you are busy.

    my few cents!!
    • when you are busy you are busy,

  • Shaq-backed?

    What else do you need to know?
  • Wanted your opinion...

    Just read your article about CallSnap for android. If it's good enough for Shaq, I'll give it a try! I also just signed up for Comcast Cable and Internet. They gave me access to this free security app, wondered if you knew anything about it -- it's called ConstantGuard, says it's a faster and safer way to get to my online accounts and easier checkout when buying stuff online. Are you familiar and is it worth the time to download?