Sharp to pay Dell, others $198.5m in TFT settlement case

Sharp to pay Dell, others $198.5m in TFT settlement case

Summary: Sharp has reached an out of court settlement with Dell and two other companies ending an ongoing case over its thin-film-transistor business in North America and Europe.


Sharp will pay a total of $198.5m to Dell and two other companies as the Japan-based technology company reached an out of court settlement over its thin-film-transistor (TFT) business.

It's not clear from initial reports who was involved in the suit involved bar the two named, or even what the suit pertained to. 

AT&T and Nokia both sued Toshiba a few years back and remain likely the two unnamed companies paid in the settlement.

However, the news likely relates to last week's news that Toshiba, Samsung, LG, and Sharp colluded to fix prices of LCD panels.

Sharp said after "comprehensively considering the American civil justice system," it had settled as "the best possible course of action," according to The Verge.

Last week, Toshiba was ordered to pay $87m in damages for allegedly fixing the prices of LCD panels. U.S. officials claimed the conspiring parties met in secret in karaoke bars, hotel conference rooms, and even tea rooms in Taiwan. 

"Toshiba has consistently maintained that there was no illegal activity on its part in the LCD business in the United States, and Toshiba continues to hold that view," a statement from Toshiba said.

Both Sharp and Dell were unavailable for comment. Questions have been emailed to both companies, and if we hear back then updates will be added here.

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  •,dual sim android

    So much money.
  • Offshore'ing U.S. Manufacturing...

    So, this is what we get for farming out the heart & soul of U.S. manufacturing. Why not just keep the manufacturing/jobs here and prosecute U.S. thieves for doing the same thing. We've done this for centuries, and pretty successfully.

    Now, we give our deserved jobs and profits to undeserving populations who rape our technologies, and developments in general (ever check the amount of fake Nike's on eBay?), while our population compete for a job at McDonald's or K-Mart, a job they don't even want, for which they're overqualified. We, the U.S., are fully capable of manufacturing these devices, and everything else we offshore to Japan, China, Korea, etc., and selling it to them, instead of giving away the lifeblood that is our manufacturing sector, the core of our economy.

    You have your politicians to thank for this situation. I wonder who their bosses are. Does anyone know? Does anyone think, like me, that these "bosses" became disenchanted with the labor community here in the U.S. and devised a scheme to achieve their desired profit levels and at the same time put U.S. labor in thier place? Read and educate yourselves. These "bosses" are greed cubed...
  • Initial reports who was involved in the suit involved bar the two named

    Maybe my British is a wee bit off as I had trouble with that sentence.
    NoMore MicrosoftEver