Signs of a faulty speed camera

Signs of a faulty speed camera

Summary: Victoria knew it was time for a speed camera audit when...

Faulty speed camera

(Credit: Christine Lee/ZDNet Australia)

Victoria knew it was time for a speed camera audit when...

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  • News bulletin: "... last seen on the streets of Hawthorn, the snail shown above was clocked doing 142 km/h in a 50 zone. Several witnesses subsequently report that in the last hour, the creature has moved approximately 10 metres from its initial image, and has been booked speeding a further 17 times."
  • "... The snail was then arrested by a police SWAT group and placed in custody. This was triumpantly disclosed by the government at a hastily arranged news conference, where they declared they would stop at nothing to protect their revenue streams.

    The snail was to be paraded in front of the media, but unfortunately it was shot by Victoria Police while allegedly trying to escape."
  • "... Inside sources from the RTA, as well as state and federal governments, say that images of the captured snail will be used in a multi-million dollar advertising campaign against dangerous driving.

    Victorian Roads Minister Terry Mulder, as well as ministers from other states, will be convening later in the month to discuss funding for various road safety projects."
  • Fortunately for the campaign but not for the snail, someone stepped on it, proving graphically and conclusively that speed kills.