Singapore-based cloud platform targets Asian market

Singapore-based cloud platform targets Asian market

Summary: Tata Communications has launched a cloud platform called InstaCompute in Singapore, which it expects to bring in $250m over the next three years


Tata Communications has launched its infrastructure-as-a-service cloud offering in Singapore.

Singapore is the second country after India — the telecoms player's home market — to offer InstaCompute, said David Wirt, Tata Communications's global head of managed services and senior vice president, at a briefing on Tuesday. Run out of its local datacentre, Tata Communications Exchange (TCX), the cloud service will also cater to neighbouring markets such as Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines.

According to Wirt, Tata Communications has identified a market opportunity in cloud offerings and expects such services to bring in $250m (£154m) in revenue over the next three years. "We're betting Tata Communications on the cloud," he said. "We really believe that telecommunications service providers have an advantage in this market."

For more on this ZDNet UK-selected story, see Tata Comms launches cloud platform in S'pore on ZDNet Asia.

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  • In the ZDNet Asia story, on which this story is based, Tata said that they did look at Amazon's services as a template. I've just finished speaking to Peder Ulander at cloud,com, which provides the software that binds Tata's global cloud services together, so that they're sen as a single entity by the end user. He was open about the fact that Amazon is seen by Tata as having missed the boat in Asia, especially since Amazon organises its services on a geographical rather than global basis.
    Manek Dubash