Singapore 'on track' to launch 3G network underground

Singapore 'on track' to launch 3G network underground

Summary: SingTel has said the effort to create a 3G network for underground train stations and tunnels is due to be completed by its scheduled deadline of July

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The upgrading of cellular networks for Singapore's underground subway is "on track" and will be completed by the end of July, according to SingTel, the company heading the effort.

The country is currently serviced by four MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) lines. In an email to ZDNet UK's sister site ZDNet Asia, a SingTel spokesman explained that the two oldest lines on the subway "were built years before 3G technology was introduced to Singapore", while the newer lines were built after the 3G network was implemented.

Last month, the country's regulator Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore reiterated the deadline of end-July for the country's three operators to finalise the installation of 3G network equipment for underground train stations and tunnels.

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Topic: Networking

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  • We're going to see a lot more projects like this with the new generation of small cell hotspots that combine 3G, WiFi and LTE. See the latest from Intel and Ubiquisys....
    Keith Day