Singapore showcases early-stage digital tech

Singapore showcases early-stage digital tech

Summary: The Media Exploits 2012 event gives local startups a platform to exhibit innovations ranging from mobile advertising and online games to video streaming and analytics.


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  • Besides dispensing travel advice, SocioScale also developed the Concierge analytics platform and embedded it into the app.

    Hotels and restaurants, for example, can use Concierge to analyze guest activity and spending habits based on real-time data collected by the Activfy app, a company spokesperson explained.

  • Magic Mirror leverages augmented reality for consumers to try on the latest fashion apparel even before the physical products hit the local market.

    According to Chong Chieh Tseng, CTO of The Interaction Company, Magic Mirror automatically recommends a range of outfits to the customer the moment he or she stands in front of the screen. They can then "swipe" through the choices to pick the right outfit, using similar motion detection technology as Microsoft's Kinect, he added.

    The startup is currently working with Parco departmental store on a pilot project, which should help shoppers skip the long changing room queues and cut down on the time for them to make their purchases, Chong said.

  • Shoppers can also take a snapshot of the clothes they tried on, and e-mail the images to a friend or post it on Facebook for a second opinion.

    The Interactive Company hopes its application can be extended to desktops for online shopping whereby users can try on the clothes virtually using Web cameras in the future.

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