Singapore still hungry for iPhone, but buzz lacking

Singapore still hungry for iPhone, but buzz lacking

Summary: While there was no midnight launch this time for the Apple iPhone 5 as with previous handsets, some customers still queued up half a day before the device was made available at 8 a.m.

TOPICS: iPhone, Apple, Singapore

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  • SINGAPORE--Apple's iPhone 5 went on sale here from 8 a.m. Friday, at selected outlets at all three mobile operators and some Apple resellers.

    However, fans of the devices started queuing up to 12 hours before the official launch, such as at Apple reseller EpiCentre's outlet in the main shopping belt at Orchard Road.

  • Just around 8 a.m., the queue at EpiCentre snaked across three shopfronts in double rows, with most customers being students and teenagers.

Topics: iPhone, Apple, Singapore

Liau Yun Qing

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  • Soooo Yesterday

    iPhone? Ho hum. Boring! Apple's now a follower not a leader, so let's see the next set of law suits that helps them to slow down their competitors.
  • So true...

    Yea, real innovation is not in the law courts, its in the marketplace. I assume this photo was not all the people that showed up? Small and sad little crowd.
    • Well since....

      Singapore is one of the top-tiered nations for human trafficking and slave labor, maybe they're all out making the iPhones since you have to have them in order to buy them...?
      • They're made in China, by the way...

        Singapore is not China.

        But Singapore could be if Tin Cook found a manufacturer there instead of Slopconn and their antics (thank iFixit and plenty of other sources pointing out oil puddles under fans, too much low-quality thermal grease slopped onto CPUs, etc...)
    • Not as much the marketplace but the

      largest shops within.

      It's not free the moment it becomes influenced, whether that be on the supply side, demand side, or any other side in between.

      Even the name "free market" is a joke the moment one starts looking at the nuances within and then realizes they are not excepted...
  • How could you

    ..write such an artical about new Apple iPhone without the craziness, crying, sweating... It has to be Apple-like, it has to be a competition of FIRST: I'm first, mine is first, I'm first in line at midnight,.....
    I still find it amusing of knowing my landlord bought an iPhone 4 2 weeks ago and she didn't know how to copy files to a USB drive on her PC. She now uses the iPhone to make calls only. She must have it because her husband has it, and her husband doesn't even know how to configure email on the phone.
    We do need it a knock on the head of people sometimes.
  • I had no idea iphones were edible...

    Let them eat buzz.