Siri strikes back

Siri strikes back

Summary: Siri is the flagship feature of the new iPhone 4S, but what happens when it comes out of beta and starts getting smarter?


It's that time of year again! When a brand new iPhone flies off store shelves and into the expectant hands of fanboys and fangirls around Australia.

Users have reported mixed success with the flagship voice-recognition feature, Siri, which can recognise natural speech commands and translate them into phone operations.

Siri is in beta right now, but what happens when she comes out of beta and starts learning? Worse still, what if she turns evil?

What if Siri stops telling us what we want to know, and replacing it with what she wants to tell us?!

Watch the video to see Siri strike back.

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Luke Hopewell

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  • "What if Siri stops telling us what we want to know, and replacing it with what she wants to tell us?!"
    Now you jus' bein' vewy siri.

    Although I can see it now -
    "Where's the nearest green grocers"
    "The nearest Apple store is..."
  • Where's iphone 5!!! hahah i am still not over the scene of Apple stock dropping 6% in 10 minutes, after they said and we're releasing the iphone......... 4s
    things to do in sydney
    • Don't think Apple would be too worried.
  • You will know you are stuffed when Siri says in a male voice:

    "Is that you Dave?"