Six Clicks: Cool and innovative mobile accessories

Six Clicks: Cool and innovative mobile accessories

Summary: Carefully selected by ZDNet's editorial team, these add-ons for your smartphones and tablets aren't your run of the mill add-ons.


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  • Consumer Physics SCiO ($199)

    The SCiO has gotten a lot of attention since its launch on Kickstarter, where it raised over $2.7 million in funding for its Israeli startup, Consumer Physics.

    The technology to determine the molecular composition of objects has been around for many years, as the science of spectroscopy. Observed under different wavelengths of visible and non-visible light, all matter has a resonance that produces a distinct "fingerprint" on the electromagnetic spectrum.

    Consumer Physics has figured how to incorporate this functionality into a Bluetooth-connected sensor the size of a keychain. The first SCiO will cost $199 and will come with a number of demo applications for Android. Developers will be able to use a chemometrical API for both Android and iOS as well as the web to create all sorts of custom applications.  

    The company is building a huge cloud-based database of materials that the sensor is able to detect, and with the release of the SCiO, it intends to "crowdsource" identification of a lot more substances.

    The device is able to scan and produce a displayable result on the smartphone or tablet in a matter of seconds.

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  • Photojojo Lens Kit ($99)

    Our resident photography bug, Charlie Osborne, has nothing but praise for the Photojojo lens kit ($99) for smartphones and tablets.

    This pack of lenses, which includes Super Fisheye, Fisheye, Telephoto, Macro/Wide Angle and Polarizer greatly enhances the optical capabilites of your mobile device's built-in camera. They attach to your phone or tablet using a adhesive ring, and can even be used with a protective case.


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  • There are a number of multiple usb chargers

    Not sure why you would pick one that is not even in general circulation yet, it might have been nice to list some of the other units.
  • These are revolutionary?

    I think that buzzword has no meaning anymore looking at this list. I would think things like a car charger, portable battery microsd card, etc were revolutionary. All of these on your list are EVOLUTIONARY of existing ideas (save for maybe the camera attachments I have never seen used.
    • hunh?

      I don't see the word "revolutionary" used anywhere in Mr. Perlow's comments. He simply calls them cool and innovative. However, there *are* links to stories about revolutionary products on this page. Perhaps you jumped here from one of those stories and forgot to shift gears?

      Can't we all stop looking so hard at bashing others?
  • thank you for your perspective bahnjee

    so much energy is spent on unhelpful criticisms with no positive objective. I don't always succeed but I try to remember to ask myself "will it help" before pressing "submit". If not, everyone is better off if I remove my fingers from the keys ;-)