Six clicks: Cool camera effects on the HTC One (M8)

Six clicks: Cool camera effects on the HTC One (M8)

Summary: The new HTC One (M8) is just arriving and as you can see in this gallery, you don't need a lot of megapixels to give you some very interesting effects that make fun photos.


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Topics: Mobility, Android, HTC, Smartphones

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  • Still......

    The Nokia Lumia 1020 just blows this thing out of the water. Actually I can get better pics on my Lumia 928. So I would say it still takes some megapixels to get great shots, may not help in the gimmick department like those fake snowflakes, but that feature will not be used, ever by anyone. Still I think HTC puts good camera tech in their phones, I have many HTC photos from many years back and even then had great shots for the time.
  • I'll wait for Lumia 930

    The camera technology on Nokia Phones are so far unbeaten... I won't waste money on anything else.

    Google products are a privacy invasion nightmare..
  • hello

    terrence boros