Six Clicks: Cool stuff buried in OS X

Six Clicks: Cool stuff buried in OS X

Summary: Six simple - but effective - tricks that will help boost your OS X productivity.


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Topics: Apple, Operating Systems

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  • Also...

    The iCloud syncs very well across all Apple devices but, the downside is that it isn't multiplatform.
    • Oh and

      That was regarding the password generator and sync.

      Of course keypass is cross platform.
  • Chrome is a massive battery hog.

    On both their mobile and desktop versions. Makes it mostly worthless when on battery.

    I have been loving KeyChain in the cloud.
  • The signature feature in preview

    Is one of the killer features for me.
    • One big problem with Signatures

      You have to use Preview. I much prefer Adobe Acrobat Pro for manipulating my PDF files...
      • Adobe Acrobat Pro already has it

        This is for those who does not want to buy Adobe Acrobat Pro.
    • I just won't use Preview anymore

      It has an incredibly serious problem. No fewer than 4 times I have lost an entire week of notes taken on PDF's due to preview corrupting the documents.
  • Hello ZDNet

    Why can't you put all the images on one page?
    Having to click through sucks - I did not bother
  • Signature

    For those of us who use Macs without built in cameras (third party monitors) is there an option to scan and save signatures somewhere?
  • re: Chrome the battery sucker

    My tip re: Chrome (which is my favorite browser). By default, Chrome runs a lot of stuff in the background. This if fine for your desktop, but is a real battery sucker on your chromebook, MacBook, or any other portable device... I always turn this off on portable devices...
  • Did not know about the signature, that is cool

    My Safari has never prompted me to create a password, however. Not sure how well it detects password fields.
  • iCloud KeyChain is no good for me

    as I don't have a cell phone that can receive text messages and you can't use the iCloud Keychain without a cell that can text. No everyone has a cell phone.
  • About Adrian Kingsley-Hughes

    Here's a more informative update to the author's bio:

    "Adrian Kingsley-Hughes is an internationally published technology author who has devoted over a decade to helping users get the most from technology, and who apparently doesn't understand the differences between singular and plural, adjectives and adverbs, or present and past tenses."

    In slide 3, he refers to "a single windows" and "a new Finder windows."

    In slide 4, he says, "Signing documents used to be a pain. It used to mean printing them out, singing them, and then either faxing them back ("Daddy, what's a fax?") or scanning them in back for digitizing." I'm trying to imagine a world where deals and contracts are closed with a song instead of a signature. And does "scanning them in back" mean it only works if your scanner is behind the computer? Oh, by the way, "scanning them back in" IS digitizing. He also forgot the closing parenthesis after describing the instructions.

    In slide 5, he says that emojis can, "get real old real fast." "Real" is an adjective which generally can't be used to describe other adjectives such as "old" and "fast." It should be "really."

    In slide 6, he says, "You can enabled this feature." No, "enabled" means you already did. Then he adds, "and they great thing is." Who's "they"?

    I'm not saying he should be perfect. Nobody is. But a simple proofread would let him correct such errors instead of posting them. I had to make corrections to this post myself, which I found by proofreading. Even a blind person could have spotted most of these, since another built-in feature of Mac OS (it dates back far longer than just OS X) is the ability to read your text back to you, which is widely considered one of the best proofreading techniques. Hearing it read has been shown to be more effective than reading it yourself, since most people tend to see what they think they wrote rather than what they actually wrote.

    Sorry for the rant, but it really bugs me to see people paid to do jobs incompetently when I can't find work because I'm either too old or too overqualified.
    • You're right; incompetency reigns in the 21st Century

      Kudos to you for standing up for the English language. And you're absolutely right, these clowns crank this [stuff] out at a breakneck pace without taking the time to think it through, review it or proofread their work. Probably tapping stuff out on some handheld thingy, to boot. And then have the gall to want to get paid for their "contribution."

      But sadly, this is the trend today. The age of Men of Letters is passed into the glories of history. I guess we should be grateful they're not into using those atrocious abbreviations like "CU L8ter" in these columns (although I fear it's on the horizon).

      If you want a real scare, watch the YouTube video about kids and dial telephones....
  • there's a couple cool ones here

    I love the merge finder windows one. the signature one could be handy too.
  • Chrome is Spyware

    That is why it is eating up that battery power. Seriously, do not ever install that in a corporate or business environment, it is essentially legal spyware.
    Kieron Seymour-Howell