Six clicks: Gadgets to let you do more with your tablet/smartphone

Six clicks: Gadgets to let you do more with your tablet/smartphone

Summary: Mobile devices are great, but let's face it, they're a compromise. But with just a few well-thought-out accessories, you can boost productivity and get the most out of your mobile gear.

TOPICS: Mobility, Hardware

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  • MicroSD card

    If you have a portable device with a free microSD card slot then you're really wasting it if you're not making use of it. That microSD card slot offers a cheap and easy way to boost the device's storage. Even if it comes with a card, chances are that you could upgrade it to a bigger card for only a few dollars.

    Check out the manual for your device to see what the maximum card capacity it supports is.

    I use Lexar storage (CNET current prices)– a Micron company – because I appreciate the reliability and quality control testing that goes into the product.

    Price: Starting at $10 for 4GB.

    (Source: Lexar)

  • External battery

    The battery life that devices promise can vary considerably from the battery life they actually deliver, and because of this, it is always a good idea to carry with you some extra juice in the form of an external battery pack.

    Carry a whopping 12,000mAh of power – enough to recharge an iPhone six times according to the manufacturer – in your pocket with the Anker Astro3 (CNET battery comparison). This battery pack doesn't have any buttons, and all you need to do to start it charging or to check the power levels is to give it a shake.

    Price: $50.

    (Source: Anker)

  • Keyboard

    One of the biggest productivity boosters you can add to any post-PC device is a keyboard. While on-screen keyboards are great for tapping out a tweet or email, they just aren't up to the challenge of typing out reams of material.

    Add a keyboard and your smartphone or tablet becomes a true content creation machine!

    Problem is, choosing a keyboard. For a review of the best keyboards I suggest taking a look at James Kendrick's Mobile News where he carries out real-world testing on a wide range of keyboards.

    My personal favorite keyboard for iDevices is the Apple Wireless keyboard. (CNET best keyboards). It's expensive, but it's reasonably slim for easy transportation, very ergonomic, tough (unusual for an Apple product), and very comfortable to type on for long periods.

    Price: Depends on what you go for.

    (Source: Apple)

Topics: Mobility, Hardware

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  • Why does the same text appear for each picture?

    Sloppy writing or editing. Somebody fix this!
  • I think it is an upload bug.

    There was one a while ago that dropped entire paragraphs.
  • So stupid

    User buys a tablet because laptops are too bulky, heavy and have too many cords and then spends more on accessories like external batteries, keyboards, more storage which in the end cost more than a reasonable light weight laptop.
  • Is that all you got?

    SD cards, USB adapters, Bluetooth earpieces? Pretty tame stuff. I guess it's official, I own at least one of every useful smartphone accessory.
    • My list...

      includes a MicroHDMI cable and desktop dock for working in the office.
  • mAh

    You have to watch how the makers calculate the milliamp hours on these devices because if they use the 3.6 volt as supplied by the internal battery, it works out a lot higher than if calculated from the 5volt output.
  • Wasted my time

    This is crap, did someone pay you to write this?
  • Price

    In the article, the bluetooth headset is quoted at being 'and it only costs $99.' Then at the bottom, it says "Price: $130". Which is it?