Six clicks: Gmail tips you might not know about

Six clicks: Gmail tips you might not know about

Summary: The flagship feature in Google Apps, Gmail remains one of the enterprise's favorite cloud-based email services. Here are six tips and tricks to increase your productivity.

TOPICS: Google, Cloud

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  • Undo sending email

    If you sent an email before it was finished, or accidentally clicked the send button, or forget to attach that document, you can 'undo' it before it's too late. Gmail gives you a few seconds to cancel sending it. Simply click the "Undo" link on the yellow bar and it will stop sending the message. But be quick, as you only have a few seconds.

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  • Create filters for email management

    You can filter various emails, depending on where they're from or who they are addressed to. You can even create multiple "+name" addresses so that you can filter and label emails to become a real Gmail power user. Head to the search bar in Gmail, and from there you can search for various emails and create filters that label various emails with certain tags when they come in for easy reading later on.

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  • Send huge attachments with Google Drive

    Gmail has a 25MB attachment limit, which makes sending large files difficult. Instead of hitting the attachment button in the email compose window, click the triangle-shaped Google Drive button. From there you can insert files up to 10GB in size. Just make sure you're plugged into a fast internet connection.

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Topics: Google, Cloud

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  • There is nothing about Google and productivity.

    " Gmail remains one of the enterprise's favorite cloud-based email service"

    - Yeah right....only bucket shops use it.
    • 1 billion downloads

      6 millions businesses are using Gmail. 1 billion downloads. It is not bad for nothing.
  • Six tips

    I'm not a fan of Gmail, and all the features shown have been available in Outlook for a while but I will say that it is at least good to see Gmail offering the same kind of functionality. Competition drives companies to improve their products so by Gmail offering similar functionality (even if the UI looks outdated) it will push MS to keep looking for ways to make Outlook even better.
  • Ah yes, filters. The worst part of Gmail.

    Ah yes, filters. The worst part of Gmail. Can't reorder them, can't do much with them. They're actually worse than the filters of email clients from the '90s.
  • Recently my gmail app in android made me mad

    I have received a mail with a pdf attached, I downloaded the pdf (which I needed at the business meeting), checked it. Then I deleted the mail. When I came to the meeting it appeared that the "downloaded" file was also deleted! Put me into a very awkward situation since I was supposed to respond to some questions having that pdf file before my eyes, and it took me some time to re-obtain it (and what if there had been no cellular connection?).