Six Clicks: iOS 7 tips and tricks

Six Clicks: iOS 7 tips and tricks

Summary: Here are six tips and tricks that will help you be more productive when using your iPad and iPhone, whether you use it for work or play.


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  • Introduction

    There's little doubt that the king and queen of the post-PC era are the iPad and the iPhone, and while these devices both started out life as content consumption devices, they've grown over several hardware and software iterations into formidable content creation devices.

    But as with any device, there are tips and tricks and shortcuts that can help you get more from your iDevice investment. Here I'm going to present you with six tips and tricks that will help you be more productive when using your iPad and iPhone, whether you use it for work or play.

  • Do Not Disturb

    Want some peace from calls and texts? Use the Do Not Disturb mode present in Settings > Do Not Disturb. This can either be set on demand or to come on based on a schedule.

    Want to still be able to receive some calls while in Do Not Disturb mode? Use the Allow Calls From setting to control which of your contacts can get in touch.

    What about those urgent calls from people not in your contacts? You can use the Repeated Call feature to allow a call through if it is the second one made within three minutes.

  • Noise cancellation

    Prior to iOS 7.1 the noise cancellation feature was only available to iPhone 5S owners. Now Apple has made that feature accessible to all.

    Go to Settings > General > Accessibility and switch on Phone Noise Cancelation.

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  • Re: Noise Cancellation


    It doesn't show on my iPhone 4. Likely only with those models that can use Siri.

    • Same on 4S

      Seems noise cancellation needs better processor. I kind of hate iOS 7.1... Phone battery doesn't last and phone keeps heating up and stalling!
  • Bluetooth selection from Control Center...

    ...I'm still waiting for the ability to select a Bluetooth device from Control Center. Currently, I can turn BT (and WiFi) on and off, but then I have to go into System Settings to select my device. Pain in the @$$. Can't believe this feature isn't available, yet.
  • Another App to Check Out

    Nice tips! Want to Text faster? Text from a keyboard. Business Messenger is a GREAT lifehack. Its an app that lets you text using your business phone number and send texts from any computer, tablet or smartphone.
    Dan Stark 100
  • Another app for text

    Agree with Dan. Business Messenger has really changed the way I work with clients - more efficient.
    Dan Stark 100