Six Clicks: Last year's most exciting crowdfunded tech devices

Six Clicks: Last year's most exciting crowdfunded tech devices

Summary: Need help getting your project or business off the ground? Here are some of the most interesting, exciting and innovative tech-related crowdfunding campaigns of the last 12 months.


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  • Ring : Shortcut Everything

    The Ring, crowdfunded on Kickstarter, is a 'wearable input device' which allows the wearer to control a number of gadgets, appliances and services. Once you slip the chunky silver ring on, touch sensors record gestures made on the hand, of which is sent to a connected smartphone application. For example, touching the side of the ring and checking the air could open a payment app -- before you draw the amount you want to pay for an item in the air and check again to show you're finished. The ring is pretty far in development, although has a long way to go before it finds solid application in tandem with our current devices. 

    Amount raised: $880,998

    Original goal: $250,000

    Via: Kickstarter

  • Solar Roadways

    The Solar Roadways project, crowdfunded on Indiegogo, is a mission to turn our roads into solar-drinking energy reservoirs.

    When you consider how much space is used by roads alone worldwide -- and while we are using roofs to try and make our energy use a little cleaner -- it seems like wasted space. Solar Roadways, founded by entrepreneurs Scott and Julie Brusaw, hopes to change this. Using a strong, textured and versatile glass to pave a pathway, solar panels inserted underneath drink in sunlight. These panels, the creators envision, could be connected via driveways and parking lots to power local homes and businesses. 

    The designers also say that eventually these power sources could be used to charge electric vehicles on the go. 

    It will no doubt take heavy investment and disruption to install such roadways, but the idea has merit and could help support our expanding energy requirements.

    Amount raised: $1,565,172

    Original goal: $1,000,000

    Via: Indiegogo

  • Panono: Panoramic Ball Camera

    The Panono, crowdfunded on Indiegogo, is an unusual entry in to the digital photography market. The Panono is a throwable panoramic ball camera, complete with 36 cameras capable of capturing 108 megapixel images. When you throw the ball in the air, it captures a 360-degree high-resolution panoramic view of the scene, and users can download full panoramas or separate images without stitching. The camera can also be triggered remotely through a mobile application.

    You can check out a street view experiment with the Panono here.

    Amount raised: $1,250,028

    Original goal: $900,000

    Via: Indiegogo

Topics: Emerging Tech, Mobility, Innovation

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  • rock paper scissors

    not quite sure about the paper airplane one, though I’m sure it might be fun for a few minutes. I think since they raised over 1mil and their goal was only 50k, they should put a camera on the tip to view or record.