Six clicks: Rumored smartphones worth waiting for

Six clicks: Rumored smartphones worth waiting for

Summary: There is always something better coming in mobile technology and the rumor mills keep revealing new devices. These six smartphones may be worth waiting for.


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  • Google Nexus 6

    The Nexus 5 is not that old, but Google is on a yearly cycle like Apple so it is likely we will see a Nexus 6 in time for the holidays. CNET posted a story about an Android account tweet that had the rumor mills stirred up. Google I/O is coming up in a couple of weeks, but I highly doubt any Nexus hardware will be revealed with the focus on Android Wear.

    The Nexus models don't always have the best specs, but Google did a great job with the Nexus 5 and it was a competitive device that sold for a very low full price. I can't find any information on the specs, but if we do see one it is likely to have the 805 processor, 3GB RAM, and an improved camera.

    There is also talk that we will not even see another Nexus device, but Android Silver in early 2015. Maybe we will get some indication of the Nexus future at Google I/O.

  • Sony Experia Z3

    I bought a Sony Xperia Z2 last month and just sold it a couple of days ago on Swappa. The hardware was fantastic and I already am having sellers regret, but the camera did not meet my expectations and the all glass construction worried me a bit.

    The Z2 launched just six months after the Z1, but the display was a major improvement and was worth getting an update. The rumored Z3 may come in September, about six months after the Z2. It may not yet have the upcoming Snapdragon 805, but Sony may work on reducing the rather large bezel space around the display.

    The Z2 is already quite thin, but Sony may be reducing the thickness even further. We don't know much else about the Z3, but you can expect Sony will continue with waterproof designs with lots of doors.

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  • What about the Nokia McLaren?

    920 & 925 owners have been waiting a good long time for a new flagship phone from Microsoft. :)
    • A Windows phone worth waiting for?

      • Idiotic statement

        Nokia's Lumia line is excellent and has some of the best phones available such as the Icon and 1520
        • Lumias are nice.

          Right now, nobody can touch the camera on the Lumia 1020. It's the one phone I actually envy while using my iPhone. Then again, it's the hardware I envy, not the OS. Considering more photos are taken with smartphones than any "real" camera, you would think everyone would be focusing more on upgrading their cameras.
          • No, most people don't care.

            Really, who cares? For most people taking selfies, pictures of their dogs sleeping or their friends drunk, picture quality isn't a factor - virtually all phone cameras are 'good enough'.

            I use my phone's camera most to make a record of something while I'm working, a snap of some equipment that aids my memory and might make it into a document, I take 5 snaps and choose the best one later.

            Most people wouldn't look good in a 20MP selfie.
          • People do care

            The phone camera is quickly taking over the point and shoot camera market. That's the "want it to look decent but don't want to carry around a big camera" market.
            Buster Friendly
          • Wrong

            People who take random photos of crap and consider themselves 'semi-professional photographers' care. People who use their phones for internet access and communication dont give a crap.
            I have access to an interactive whiteboard and a keyboard, does this make me an author?
      • Out of touch, you are

        Try searching for "windows phone mclaren" and see a windows phone worth waiting for. Actually even my year old Lumia 1020 is more exciting than any of the phones on this top 10 list. If a finger print scanner is the best they can come up with, it's going to be a boring year for Android fans.
      • What's funny is you thought his comment was funny.

        I'd take my Lumia 1520 up against anything available to date. Great display, great camera and a solid OS in WP8.1.
      • Seems to bother you

        Goes with second guessing your Android choice...
      • Wow reading the comments

        I think you got spanked.
      • I have no interest in WP...

        ...but that doesn't mean that nobody should.
        John L. Ries
        • Not...

          but it means most don't.
          NoMore MicrosoftEver
    • Agreed

      Where is the McLaren? How come it's not on this list?
    • Obviously, WP users don't have to wait

      for a great phone, as they already own a Nokia.
  • Android becoming stronger every generation….

    Android will be THE mobile platform before long that others aspire to emulate (including Apple)

    This article merely cements the fact that the WP is a dramatic fail.
    • Or No need to wait for Windows Phone...

      ..There are already great ones that are here. What Matt is demonstrating is how we need an Android phone or an Apple phone that is on Par with what Nokia has already delivered.
      • Well said

        Icon best phone on the market right now. Sadly it's only available on Verizon. But where is McLaren on this joke of an article?
        • McLaren?

          Bruce McLaren (founder of McLaren and died a long ass time ago) would be rolling in his grave with a half assed company accosting his name on half assed technologies.
          This is the same company whose sole purpose is to create technologies to assist motorsports and the motoring industry, not dickheads wanting special labels on their phone. I hope to god im wrong and they arent related but when it comes to electronics labelled mclaren im automatically assuming youre talking about the same company that makes grand prix cars, and the ECUs for every other F1 team in the championship...
      • If you can only find them...

        Carriers seem determined to marginalize WP into oblivion. Where I live, our largest carrier offers no WP at all, and the next largest carries only one.