Six Clicks: Six ways Windows Phone is better than iPhone

Six Clicks: Six ways Windows Phone is better than iPhone

Summary: We're certainly not claiming that Windows Phone is better overall than iOS (or even the reverse). But there are ways that Windows Phone beats current iPhones.


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Topics: Tapping M2M: The Internet of Things, Apple, iOS, Microsoft, Mobility, Windows Phone


David Gewirtz, Distinguished Lecturer at CBS Interactive, is an author, U.S. policy advisor, and computer scientist. He is featured in the History Channel special The President's Book of Secrets and is a member of the National Press Club.

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  • Tip on pinning websites.....

    You can get programs to create live tiles and pin an image you pick for the tile. So you can get an image and then make a tile to link to a website. Its nice if you get the hang of that, but you can also zoom into an image on a website and then pin the page to your start screen and the tile will show the zoomed in portion of the site you pinned. Doesn't work for all sites depending on the graphics they have laid out, but it does work for some sites that have nice graphics and a big logo to zoom in on.
    • I use WebApps for this...

      ...the zoom feature is cool too.
  • Lumia 520...

    You can buy it for $55 from Amazon. I have this device and am running 8.1 on it with no problems. It is still quite good for being minimal hardware. I think Windows Phone doesn't get enough credit for how well it works on little hardware.
    • Funny how

      Windows Phone always gets lots of credit when people actually use it. It is very polished, functional, and performs like a champ on all hardware.
      Sean Foley
      • I agree completely.

        The traction still isn't there overall in the US at least (and may never come) but if people do actually try it, it's definitely full of useful - even delightful - features. I started using it back in 2012 and, while there were definitely some frustrations, I still appreciate how original and well-thought-out the OS is (I switched from iOS).
        • Application support is still an issue.

          While Windows Phone has most of the big name applications it's the various smaller, specialty applications which are the issue. I know most anything will be available on iOS and Android. The same cannot be said of Windows Phone.

          Question: Is there a way to search the Windows Phone store without a Windows Phone? My information is dated since I stopped using my 8x over a year ago.
          • Yes

            Here we go

            Is the place to look for apps in the marketplace.
          • LoL, apps availability is moot point

            Windows Phone may not have over a million apps, but they are gaining apps day by day. Currently there are more than 250,000 apps in the store. Also most of the websites can be pinned to start screen and can have a kind of live tile. Windows Phone 8.1 web browser is fully functional web browser and could easily beat mobile Safari for iOS. Yes, both platforms have their +s and -s, and to each their own.
            Here is how you could search for apps on Windows Phone store without having WP,
            Ram U
          • Windows Store

  , and there are other language/region stores in the site.
      • Windows Phone is just a phone.

        That's all it is. In terms of smartphone smartness, it's really dumb. Right now, Windows Phone is the lowest common denominator of all the mobile phones in the world. It brings absolutely NOTHING new to the table.

        Champ on all hardware? What hardware? It only runs on one....Lumias. Didn't Samsung, Sony, and HTC promise to develop Windows smartphones a year ago? Even up to now is has only been one brand that runs Windows Phone...just one. What are you talking about "champ on all hardware?"
        • Ok....

          That's great you don't like it and think its the dumbest phone around, but its actually a quite nice OS and is super reliable and fast. You obviously hate it and I'm sorry you won't ever experience the great experience of Windows Phone. Go look at the hardware specs for the Lumia 520 and then you will see what I mean. Android and iOS are needing quad core procs more and more these days. And btw Samsung and HTC do make Windows Phones.
          • Just an FYI

            VistorWho is just another poster on here that doesn't like anything Microsoft. I wouldn't worry too much about his opinion or others who have never even touched a Microsoft product. They are simply anti-Microsoft no matter what. They never really add anything meaningful, just supply negative critisims of products and companies they dislike. Just the way it is around here.
          • Hey, at least....

            Hey, at least he owns an 8X. That's improvement right there. ;)

            Seriously though, he can't know much since he says that Windows Phone is only on Lumias. Samsung has put out new hardware lately, Sony is still working on it but still has plans, and HTC did put out the 8X. Since HTC is struggling so much and there have been a bunch of new OEMs introducing or planning to introduce new hardware, it wouldn't surprise me if they are done with WP for now.
          • Or even...

            ..the typical microsoft apologists that have never used anything else apart from Microsoft because they dont have a backbone to control their lives, swings both ways ;)
        • This is the dumbest comment ever on this forum

          from a poster who hates Microsoft and obviously lacks technical knowledge and reads too much stuff from biased tech poster and looks for every opportunity to post dumbest drivel.
          Ram U
        • He is refering to hardare specs.

          You are talking about brands. My first Windows phone was an HTC. My current phone is a Nokia 822. How many Samsungs are running iOS? Your comment was foolishly presented and obviously not thought out. Makes your personal opinion a glowing argument in favor of Windows Phone.
          The Heretic
        • You have no argument....

          You're like every other MS detractor... you have no facts, just a childish personal opinion.

          Windows phone is a very "smart" phone. I've owned Android, iPhone and Windows Phones and I can tell you with authority that Windows is the cleanest, slickest and snappiest interface on the market. The fact that MS was smart enough to begin to unify its desktop and mobile platforms speaks volumes... Apple is still developing for two systems.. desk and mobile.

          Android phones have a "gloppy" and cluttered interface, and the OS is too fragmented.
          Apple is just plain out-of-touch... their phones are dated both in form and function.

          Microsoft's new Contoro blows Siri away.. I've used both extensively.

          Another great thing is the way that Microsoft seamlessly updates all of your work in the cloud between devices, and it does so far more elegantly than Apple or Android. In addition, you get native MS Office apps on your phone, which is far better than the MS workarounds or paying for Office365.

          Sorry, but you don't know what you're talking about.
      • Lot's of things get credit when people actually use it

        Mac OS X for example... Let me buy you a wooden nickel sonny!
        • Old school OS

          Mac OS X starts to feel really old these days.

          My neighbour who has both an iPhone and an iPad still tries to zoom in apps on OSX by using two fingers on the screen... :-) She just cant understand why some Apple devices can this and other cant...

          At the same time she see us using our Surface 2 (RT not Pro) and gets envious because we have touch and have real office built in for free. She is talking about dumping her Macbook Air and getting a Surface after trying it out....

          So trying it out really shows a lot of things you never thought about when shopping in store...