Six clicks: Tech all-stars who want to be sports legends

Six clicks: Tech all-stars who want to be sports legends

Summary: Steve Ballmer may join a very exclusive club - tech stars who have become owners of professional sports franchises.

TOPICS: Microsoft, Apple

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  • Owning a professional team is something that most sports fans only dream about. Anyone can do it: A nickel miner, divorce lawyer (Donald Sterling), and wedding supplier are some of the former professions of the people who were able to afford sports franchises. With billions of dollars floating around in the tech world, it was a foregone conclusion that professional sports would feel the impact.

    As we all know, Steve Ballmer recently retired after his long career at Microsoft earned him billions of dollars to play with. And play with it he did, by offering $2 billion to buy the Los Angeles Clippers from Donald Sterling and his wife. Steve's not an owner yet, Mr. Sterling said he could nix the deal, but Mrs. Sterling is on Ballmer's side.

    Former tech execs can be found in all professional sports and one group even bought the Professional Bowlers Association. Some have excelled while others are fighting for the cellar. In fact, the owners of the last two Super Bowl winners had their start in the tech world.

    Here are six of the owners that may or may not surprise you.

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  • Vivek Ranadive made his fortune by founding TIBCO Software in 1987 and has the distinction of owning two different NBA franchises. In 2010 Ranadive became co-owner and vice chairman of the Golden State Warriors. He then led an ownship group which bought the Sacramento Kings in May 2013 for a then-record $534 million. What a difference a year makes.

Topics: Microsoft, Apple

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