Six Clicks: Top Android apps of the month, August 2014

Six Clicks: Top Android apps of the month, August 2014

Summary: What are some of the most interesting apps for the Android operating system we've discovered this month?


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  • Ignore No More

    For the hordes of parents frustrated with their children ignoring phone calls and text messages, the brainchild of one mother, the Ignore No More app, could be the ideal solution.

    Perhaps genius in its simplicity, the mobile app allows parents to lock their child's smartphone from afar, should they choose to ignore parental efforts to stay in contact with them. On the app's website, it says:

    "When you lock your child’s phone with Ignore No More your child has only two options – he or she can call you back, or call for an emergency responder. Now you have their attention. Ignore No More is an easy to install app that gives you control over your children’s phones."

    You set a password which unlocks the phone, but children only gain access once they've called back.

    Price: £0.60

    Via: Ignore No More | Google Play

  • Dashboard Cast

    Dashboard Cast is a pretty cool app which personalizes the screen of your Google Chromecast. Instead of sticking with the standard background, this app can be used to create a display including time and date widgets, a calendar, RSS feeds and stocks. 

    Price: $Free (in-app purchases)

    Via: Google Play


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  • I bet the number of Emergency Reponder calls goes up because of this...

    Some kids will not know what it means that their phone is locked, they will just be frustrated and hit whatever. I hope I am wrong, but not sure that I am.
  • New interesting app for UnoCast for Chromecast

    I could say that the most funny game I've for Chromecast is UnoCast for Chromecast, and you can download for Android on Google Play here: