Six Clicks: Top iOS apps of the month, August 2014

Six Clicks: Top iOS apps of the month, August 2014

Summary: What are some of the most interesting apps for Apple's iOS operating system we've discovered this month?

TOPICS: Mobility, Apple, Apps, iOS, iPhone, iPad

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  • Five-O police reporting

    Inspired by civil unrest in the US, three teenagers have created Five-O, an app designed to empower citizens to "record and store data from every encounter with law enforcement," according to the app's website. In addition to rating police services in different areas, a "Know your rights" section allows you to submit both positive and negative encounters with law enforcement. 

    As of the time of writing, the app has been accepted by Google Play, but is still undergoing Apple's vetting process before entering the App Store. 

    Price: $Free

    Via: Pinetart Inc

  • Anchor Pointer

    Anchor Pointer is a beautifully designed app which eradicates everything unnecessary about using maps to find your way. Users store GPS coordinates and use a simple compass to reach their destination, which switches to night mode when you need extra light. GPS locations can be saved on a location list and assigned icons for quick access.

    Price: £1.99 ($3.30)

    Via: Apple App Store

Topics: Mobility, Apple, Apps, iOS, iPhone, iPad

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  • I prefer IFTTT / Pushbullet


    Notifyr is a handy application which links up your Mac and iOS devices to show handset notifications on your computer. From WhatsApp to Facebook, any notifications you have set up on your mobile device can emerge on your Mac's screen, so you have no need to keep checking your iPhone.

    Before purchasing, however, make sure you check out the app's compatibility list and see if your devices are okay to use. "

    I prefer IFTTT / Pushbullet - a much more powerful combination IMO, and free.