Six clicks: Top smartphones revealed at MWC 2014

Six clicks: Top smartphones revealed at MWC 2014

Summary: We saw several new smartphones launched at MWC this week, but most are evolutionary products offering a few improvements over existing devices. Here are the best.


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  • Introduction

    Mobile World Congress (MWC) is held yearly in Barcelona and it is where companies introduce the smartphones we can expect to see in the first half of this year. There were no product that put itself about the rest as nearly all the smartphones at WMC are evolutionary products offering slight improvements over last year's models.

    I've ranked these six smartphones , but the one I personally have my eye on, and hope to see launched in the US this year, is the Sony Xperia Z2.

    Editor's Note: A previous version of this story contained errors in the sequence of images and captions. Our sincerest apologies.

  • BlackBerry Z3

    Number 6: While BlackBerry continues to lose market share, they are not giving up the fight with their new CEO announcing the BlackBerry Z3 and Q20. The Z3 is their largest all touchscreen device while the Q20 brings back the useful trackpad to the QWERTY line.

    The BlackBerry Z3 is powered by BlackBerry 10 and offers an improvement in the internal specs, as compared to the Z10 and Z30. It is targeted for a launch in Indonesia and comes with a 5-inch display, extended life battery, and FM radio.

    We haven't heard about a US release at this time.

  • Nokia X line

    Number 5: Nokia is launching a controversial, as we will see next week in the ZDNet Great Debate, three device lineup of custom Android-powered smartphones called the Nokia X, X+, and XL. The devices look like all the other existing mid-range Lumia phones, but run a Nokia customized version of Android.

    Like the Amazon Kindle Fire HDX, you will find the Android experience on the Nokia X devices to be different than what is seen on typical Android smartphones. Nokia is bringing their own and Microsoft services to the Nokia X line with a look and feel much like Windows Phone.

    I personally still feel that Windows Phone is compelling at the low end and that Nokia should have stuck with that strategy. They will now have Asha, Android, and Windows Phone devices to manage and maintain.


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  • Not a bad

    list, but I would add the Yotaphone 2. Even though it will not be out before the end of the year, that phone showed some true innovation.
    • Yotaphone

      Buy a Yotaphone and the force will be with you!
  • Proof smartphones are slowing down

    Not trying to be negative, but most of the gimmicks and phones in the past year are "nice to have", but not "must have". HD displays and LTE speeds seems like it was the last major "must have" feature. In fact a Galaxy S3 and Lumia 920 from 2 years ago are still great today.
    Sean Foley
    • Agree on "nice to have" vs. "must have"

      I agree so much that I can't wait for the Galaxy S5 to launch - so I can get an S4 at crash prices. The price of last-year Samsung phones always plummets (at least here where I live) when a new model is launched. The S5 has great "nice to have" features, but it's not so much better than the S4 to make the latter at half the price less than irresistible.
    • Next big thing

      The power of these devices are finally pushing them into full computer territory. My assumption is the next big thing will be devices like a Windows RT phone or the Ubuntu Edge.

      Couple this with wearable HUDs, a ring that allows your finger to act like a mouse, the HUD superimposing a keyboard layout for your fingers while the HUD camera watches your finger typing (Jonny Nemonic comes to mind).

      I also see phones becoming sensor hubs. Put a sensor for radiation, UV, ozone, temp, pollen, etc.
      Rann Xeroxx
  • Sony Experia Z2

    That Experia Z2 is really really nice phone,(disregard the OS)
  • slideshow

    Just opened this from my email to see if it was an article or another slideshow. On to something else after dropping this comment. Probably would have read it if it was an article.
    • They fixed it

      The slide show now only updates the content on the page. It does not do complete page refreshes.
  • How much did Microsoft pay you to put their DOA phone in here?

    Ridiculously conspicuous first and most prominently displayed WindoZe 8 Sesame Street Crayola Playschool phone absolutely no one buys or cares about in this Microsoft cough cough display Advertising supposed to be editorial!!!! Article?

    Now if you had shown their new Android Phone that would have been less obvious.

    Either way that in your face Mafiasoft aka MicroKlunk Junk Phone OS with its kiddie toy flat ugly tiles so obviously positioned as the top choice which for your edification no one cares about, is total proof that you got paid for that commercial.

    How is your new BMW that the thugs from Redmond bought you?

    Get a grip please.
    • Not sure if sarcasm...

      Get a grip, please.
    • Ummm

      Perhaps you should have read the article? The Nokia X line is what was listed.... you know, the one you said "Now if you had shown their new Android Phone that would have been less obvious."

      I guess they were "less obvious".
    • Your a loser.

      You wouldn't know a great smartphone if it telephoned your butt.

      What a dweeb. Go away.
    • Obviously reading appears to be an area of lacking with you.

      2) It also appears intelligence is something else you lack.

      3) Believability is something you have zero credibility in as it's pretty obvious to anyone that you're posting just to troll, nothing more.

      Your posts make less sense then Tracey Morgan on a bad acid trip -

      "Lets see, How can I craft a sentence that lets me use 'Mafiasoft aka MicroKlunk', and all sorts of mindless insults like 'kiddie toy flat ugly tiles'.?"

      Face it, you're a two bit phony, trolling because you go through life unnoticed in the world, so being an idiot here at least gets you some attention.

      And yet you ask others to "Get a grip"? Too rich. :)
    • NOOOO!

      DO NOT FEED the troll
  • Nokia makes me laugh and cry at the same time...

    Instead of calling the Android phones something like Asha G or Asha X, they created a whole new line of phones to cannibalize both their lines.

    Why do I say so? First because the Windows Phone best seller are the 5**. These compete almost exactly on the same segment as the Nokia X and the Asha. Asha's are speciality only geared at people with Symbian.

    So... we're gonna see internal infighting for resources to keep both. In the long run it's easier to get Android people (both internal and external) than Windows Phone. Slowly but surely you'll start to see more and more services arriving first on Nokia X and later on Windows Phone. In the end, Windows Phone will be relegated to the high end where Apple and Samsung already have a leadership position.

    Windows Phone 9 will not makes things any simpler.
  • They will now have Asha, Android, and Windows Phone devices

    ...manage and maintain. Not if they're smart. If they truly are, they'll drop Windows Phone, and just create services to run on Android, BB OS, and iOS. Less overhead to maintain. There is more money to be made in services, than in an OS, that nobody wants.
    I hate trolls also
    • Who says it's an OS nobody wants?

      They sold a lot of them. Sure, not to the point that Apple and Android has, but if MS continues to makes a profit from them, why would they want to drop something that's profitable?
      • I don't know...

        Why did they drop the kin? It was only on the market for two months.
  • Lumia Icon didn't make the list?

    I find that to be a bit of an oversight since it is the best phone for creating HD video I have ever seen and offers a level of performance quite a bit above expectations. Looks good, magnificent screen and the ccd sensor is phenomenal. These other phones look like little incremental improvements while the Icon is a whole new idea in phone use. AND you can buy it in the US.
    The Heretic
    • Icon

      Came out before the MWC... It wasn't unveiled there.