Six good gear bags for work and play (hands on)

Six good gear bags for work and play (hands on)

Summary: Owning a gadget means finding a good gear bag to carry it on the road. Bags can vary in form, from the popular backpack to the simple laptop-style case. Whether your priority is cost or style, you’ll find a good gear bag here.


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  • 6 good gear bags for work and play (hands on)

    I confess I am a gear bag addict. I have a big coat rack in my apartment that has been converted into a bag tree. I have quite a collection of gear bags, and among them my favorites that I use regularly.

    The attributes I find most important in a good gear bag are size and thickness. I like thin profile bags that can still carry the gear I need to take. I have two backpacks I use regularly, a few shoulder bags, and a simple hand bag that was the cheapest of the lot.

    The bags are presented here in no particular order. I rotate using them all, and have made numerous trips with each one.

    If you have a favorite gear bag not included in this collection, please share it in the comments along with what makes you like it.

  • Staad Slim Backpack

    The Staad Slim Backpack is designed to take just the right essentials while remaining as low profile as possible. It has a thin laptop pocket that will fit any 13-inch laptop, and an organized pocket system for small gadgets and accessories.

    I use the Staad when I travel and can easily stuff all my electronic gear inside. It is not cheap but is very functional and stylish. I regularly get compliments whenever I carry the Staad Backpack.

    It is available from sfbags for $319, and there is a slightly wider version available for $329. The waxed canvas and leather will stand up to the bumps of the road.

    Don't miss the full review of the Staad Backpack on ZDNet.

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  • Oh man, you have given me a great idea!

    I too have too many bags to count, but I have no coat rack to hold them. This is what I have been missing! Thank you...