Six 'must-have' MacBook Air accessories

Six 'must-have' MacBook Air accessories

Summary: Essential accessories for professionals choosing to go for Apple's smallest, thinnest, lightest notebook.

TOPICS: Hardware, Apple

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  • Introduction

    Given that Apple has bestowed an upgrade on the MacBook Air line, and given that this device is a popular choice for professionals – especially those who need a mobile computing platform – I thought I'd look at some mush-have accessories.

    Image source: Apple.

  • G-Form MacBook sleeve

    The G-Form Extreme Sleeve is constructed from RPT – Reactive Protection Technology, a composite blend of PORON XRD material and proprietary G-Form materials and technology – and is designed specifically for laptop users on the go.

    The soft, flexible, lightweight, water-resistant Extreme Sleeve laptop case can easily be placed into another bag, backpack, or suitcase and protect your laptop from impact. With the G-Form Extreme Sleeve™ you can be confident that your laptop is protected everywhere you go.

    Price: $79.99.

    Image source: G-Form.

Topics: Hardware, Apple

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  • or save money and just purchase

    one of the myriad of PC's available with better specs and a lower cost to begin with and save money.

    Of course that wouldn't be cool....
    • And carry around extra size and weight whether or

      not you need it. With Adrian's suggestions, you only need take with you what you want/need when you want/need it.
    • There are no cheaper ultrabooks with better specs

      than the MBA. It is the least expensive in class for its spec level.
  • Superdrive...

    These days the only reason I plug a CD-ROM drive into my laptops is to install legacy software. The drive literally gets pulled out of a drawer, plugged in for a few minutes, and then goes back in the drawer.

    So I guess, technically you still "need" one, but I can't see actually travelling with one any more than i would travel with a USB floppy drive or a Zip drive.
  • How about just buying a MacBook Pro instead?

    And then you won't have to buy all of the "extras" that the MB Air doesn't have...and the MB Pro does.

    'Cause by the time you load your bags with all of these extra things for the MB will probably weigh MORE than the MB Pro by itself.
    • Perhaps because these aren't needed

      all the time, just some of the time.
    • I did the MBP, it is a small enough laptop

      didn't feel the need to get thinner.
      • I do MBA :-)

        I have an MBA 11". I'm a developer on the road. It's fully loaded (maxed-out RAM, SSD, etc.). It's fast, lightweight, reliable. I develop in Java, C, and Ruby/Rails. I rarely need accessories (I use the cloud extensively).
  • Thunderbolt to Gigabit Ethernet Adapter Runs Hot?

    I've almost purchased the Thunderbolt to Ethernet Adapter several times; however, the reviews at the Apple Store are mixed. Many say the adapter gets really hot and has a short life--probably because of the heat. Anyone have any additional information?
    • Kernel Panic

      I haven't heard anyone having that problem, but one of my colleague gets a kernel panic every time he plug one into his recent 13" Retina Macbook Pro. Seems to have been a problem reported for the last few years on various message boards.
  • screen?

    You didn't mention screen... I have one on each desk where I regularly use my air.
  • Another product endorsement for the G-Form sleeve

    When Jason Perlow wrote a blog regarding a similar sleeve (from the same company) for the iPad, I purchased one and have never been disappointed in that product nor the company producing those sleeves. IMO, it would make a fine addition for any MBA product.
  • AKH might have been tempted to consider an 11th product accessory

    Any iPad, except the original, can act as a secondary extended display in a mobile environment with the appropriate software and an available WiFi signal source.

    Since most owners of a MacBook may already own an appropriate iPad, this 11th accessory might just be the software that acts as a bridge between the two hardware devices.

    I personally enjoy Avatron's Air Display software for this purpose (but there are other choices available.)
    • PS .. The first generation iPad can work as an extended wireless display

      but, used in this capacity, is not compatible with Avatron's latest Air Display software. (It can work with the first generation Air Display software or software from several other vendors.)
  • smallest, thinnest, lightest notebook...pretty much useless.

    No need to explain !
    • smallest, thinnest, lightest notebook...pretty much useless...

      Owl:Net, Please do explain! Maybe you will enlighten those that use a MBA in a business environment. Maybe the MBA is not for you perhaps, however hundreds of thousands "business types" successfully use them everyday doing real work.
      • Owlnet:

        I think Owlnet is referring to "cubicle" workers who have no say in what they use PC wise because the IT department sets all the rules. Of course people use "MACS" in the business world. IOS is used also. You'd be surprised how many "apps" are out there you never heard of. We have an app that is designed to configure Electrical Relays.
    • Useless

      Describes every one of your posts
      Luke Skywalker
    • Poor Thing!

      You're a pretty pathetic character.
  • doesn't bug me

    out of all of them, I think the plugbug would be my must have.“