Six must-have travel gadgets

Six must-have travel gadgets

Summary: Here are a handful of gadgets that can make travel - both business and for leisure - less stressful and help keep your gadgets safe and charged up while you are away from your home or office.

TOPICS: Hardware, Mobility

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  • Introduction

    A lot of people I know travel a lot. Some travel for work, others for leisure, while others do a bit of both. While there's little gadgets can do to make travel a pleasurable experience for those folks who don't enjoy it, the addition of a few gadgets can make time on the move more agreeable.

  • SearchAlert Heavy-Duty TSA-approved Padlock

    A lot of companies make TSA approved locks – you know, the small padlocks that you can use to lock up bags and cases you check at airports that TSA officials can open with their own key so they don't have to destroy the lock – but this SearchAlert padlock has a nifty trick up its sleeve.

    The SearchAlert padlock features a little indicator that changes from green to red if the padlock has been "officially opened." Not only that, but only you can reset the indicator – the TSA cannot (at least there is no easy, official way to do this) – giving you the chance to check to see if anything has been removed, added, or tampered with.

    Price: $12.

    (Image: SearchAlert)

Topics: Hardware, Mobility

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  • Very cool

    Love this article. Lots of very nice ideas.

  • Great article, but I had to laugh

    You like the notebook case even though it is cheap plastic (ala Samsung) I would have thought you would have wanted something in aluminum. Seriously, that is a great looking case. I loved the cube that could be a repeater. Thanks for sharing these cool gadgets.
  • Hmm

    Well how do you suspend your tablet be it's port to charge it? Also the Lug Loc costs $25!!! for each trace. Not $3. Better off to buy a TK102 and stick a truphone or Lycamobile sim in it.
  • The Anker 2nd Gen Astro3 Battery is that good!

    I have the Anker 2nd Gen Astro3 battery and it is every bit as good as stated in the article. Small and powerful, it handles cell phones and tablets with ease.
  • Gallery,

  • Cool Ideas

    I agree with other reviewers. These are cool ideas but definitely not 'must have'. I'd be willing to wager of all the well heeled travelers out there nobody has all of these gadgets. You could make an argument none of these are must have because I certainly don't have these and I get along fine.

    The only item that is a must have is the battery charger for mobile device and the one Hughes lists is huge. A battery pack that large surely is designed for a laptop? No, it will just charge your iPhone/iPad as many times as you could possibly ask in a day.

    I use an Anker lipstick sized device which suits my purpose just fine. Will recharge my iPhone from empty to full twice which is plenty for anyone's needs.
  • Nice article/list

    I am just unfamiliar with image 3/7, likely something for a Mac I'm guessing? Suggestion, not a complaint: A small description would be helpful.