Six thin clients reviewed

Six thin clients reviewed

Summary: In the first instalment of a two-part review on thin clients, we look at thin-client terminals.


Ipex WBT 370CE
MaxTerm 8300B
Sun Ray 170
VXL Itona
Wyse S30
Asterisk PC reviver
What to look out for
Sample scenario
Editor's choice
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T&B Editor's choiceEditor's choice: Wyse S30

This new product from Wyse is very impressive and surely has a great future ahead of it, just as its ancestors certainly did.

Of particular note is its small size and good looks which does not compromise on features or functionality. Definite thumbs up to the Wyse engineering design team.

For those looking for an integrated solution (display and terminal) then the Sun Ray 170 with its 17in LCD is awarded an honorable mention. It looks great, has excellent ergonomics, and very impressive features for a thin client.

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