Six ways to protect your privacy on LinkedIn

Six ways to protect your privacy on LinkedIn

Summary: Protect your valuable business connections — and your data by changing these settings in LinkedIn.


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  • Six ways to protect your privacy on LinkedIn

    With over 300 million members LinkedIn is the business professionals network that connects you to potentially every other business professional around the world. With so many connections how do you protect your own LinkedIn connections whilst making sure that you share only the data you choose to share? 

    You can get to all of the settings mentioned here by clicking on the Privacy and Settings link under your profile photo in the top right hand corner of the LinkedIn screen.

    Image: Linkedin

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  • Protect who can see your connections.

    Sometimes people connect with you only to jump to one of your other existing connections. They scroll down your profile and see the Connections section which tells them how many connections you mutually share and shows a full list of their first degree connections (your second degree connections). 


    Change the “Who can see your connections” dialog box in the Profile tab. By default this is set to “Your connections”. Change this setting to “Only You”.

    Images: LinkedIn

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  • Gee..

    LinkedIn, FaceBook, many sites does one NEED?? It's just lunacy!! If you share everything on everything then don't expect any privacy. It's that simple!
    NoMore MicrosoftEver
  • LinkedIn Settings Protection

    Thanks, very helpful...
  • Very useful tips.

    Especially for someone like me who is NOT on Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Google, or any other social platforms except LinkedIn.

    I think LinkedIn is the only social platform that offers such tight and granular control on your privacy.