Six weird and wonderful robotics projects

Six weird and wonderful robotics projects

Summary: Scientists around the world are pushing the boundaries of robotics research, adopting different approaches to the issue of human-robot interaction

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  • Huggable robots image

    How will humans interact with robots in the future, when the world is — perhaps — dominated by walking, talking synthetic beings?

    Scientists at MIT's Personal Robot Group have come up with a way to explore the interactions between humans and robots by developing robotic friends designed to be fully integrated into family life.

    Researchers have chosen the slightly more cutesy guise of a cuddly teddy bear — rather than a bizarre synthetic human — to conduct their work.

    A more recent product of the Huggables Project is the Sensate Bear, which is loaded with full-body touch sensors capable of detecting a full range of human touch gestures, from pats to tickles.

    Photo credit: Irish Eyes on Flickr

  • Golem Krang image

    Since 2008, Georgia Tech's Humanoid Robotics Lab has been busy working on giving robots human — or even super-human — capabilities.

    The fellow above is Golem Krang, a robot designed to perform heavy-duty tasks.

    Krang has since developed a torso section and is capable of maintaining its balance while it lifts a 50kg payload with two arms weighing 18.7kg each — a feat that its creators say makes it one of the strongest robots in the world.

    Photo credit: jiuguangw on Flickr

Topic: Emerging Tech

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  • This picture of a teddy bear robot's insides is incredible! The Golem Krang is a crazy machine as well!