Six World Cup social media highlights

Six World Cup social media highlights

Summary: As the biggest soccer tournament in the world reaches its final stages, there is no doubt that this has been the most social World Cup ever. We list some of the social media highlights of the event so far.


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  • Quarter finals see huge social media spike

    The World Cup quarter finals had a huge impact on the content generated across social networks - particularly after the Brazil and Colombia match. According to a study by research firm R18 using data analytics tool Airstrip between July 4 and 5, there were 1,142,106 posts in Portuguese on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. The Brazilian team was mentioned in 411,076 of those posts, while Colombia was the second most talked about, with 154,941 posts. There were nearly 200,000 posts about the Brazilian player Neymar and the injury he suffered at the end of the match.  

  • Facebook is the busiest channel

    Facebook is the busiest social network for World Cup-related activity, according to a study by digital marketing agency Global Web Index. The study covered fans in the United States, United Kingdom and Brazil on the opening match has found that 93 percent of them have used Facebook to check results or to post their impressions about the events. 

  • 140 million messages exchanged on Facebook during opening match

    According to Facebook, the opening Work Cup match was followed by 58 million people and about 140 million messages were exchanged during the event. Brazilians represented a 30 percent share of Facebook traffic that day. 

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  • jetpack

    FIFA World Cup is one of the grandest events of the year around the world and if you want to know the latest info everything about the world cup all you have to do is check the social media.