Six World Cup social media highlights

Six World Cup social media highlights

Summary: As the biggest soccer tournament in the world reaches its final stages, there is no doubt that this has been the most social World Cup ever. We list some of the social media highlights of the event so far.


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  • Twitter follower counts of players have skyrocketed

    Brazil is the World Cup host for the first time since 1950 - and as expected the Brazilian players have dominated the Twitter charts. On the day of the opening ceremony alone, the Twitter profile of Brazilian footballer Neymar, who already had an audience of more than 11 million people, got 165,000 new followers. He gets an average of 75,000 new followers daily. However France - in particular Paul Pogba - have seen one of the greatest increases in Twitter followers, according to numbers released by the microblogging tool. 

  • World Cup was a key subject in mobile app communications

    On the mobile messaging front, Global Web Index data suggests that mobile communications tool WhatsApp was used by 57 percent of World Cup followers on the opening match. Most of the content (74 percent) was related to the final result of the matches, followed by goals (73 percent). Communications app Viber has seen a surge in the volume in calls and messages during the World Cup, with a 1,000 percent increase in calls made from Brazil and a 40 percent uplift in messages.

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  • jetpack

    FIFA World Cup is one of the grandest events of the year around the world and if you want to know the latest info everything about the world cup all you have to do is check the social media.