SkyDrive Pro: No new name (yet) but now with more storage

SkyDrive Pro: No new name (yet) but now with more storage

Summary: Microsoft is providing SharePoint and Office 365 users with more SkyDrive Pro storage.


Microsoft is adding more storage for its Office 365 and SharePoint customers to use with SkyDrive Pro.

SkyDrive Pro, despite its name, is not a variant of SkyDrive. It is designed for business file storage -- either in the cloud (SharePoint Online) or on SharePoint 2013 servers -- which users can access from a variety of devices.

Microsoft announced updates to its SkyDrive Pro capabilities on August 27 via a new post to the Office 365 technology blog. The changes:

  • Each user now gets 25 GB of SkyDrive Pro storage space (up from 7 GB). This is for both new and existing customers.
  • Customers can increase SkyDrive Pro storage quotas for individual users beyond the default 25 GB, to up to 50 GB and 100 GB.
  • With the new  "Shared with Me" view, users can more easily find documents others have shared with them.

Other features called out in today's post: An increase in the overall file upload limit in SharePoint Online to 2 GB/file; default recycle-bin retention to 90 days (up from 30); and versioning enabled by default, so the last 10 versions of a document are saved, to prevent inadvertent document deletion or loss.

Microsoft recently decided against fighting Sky Broadcasting Group for the SkyDrive name and officials promised to come up with a new name for SkyDrive. Even though Windows 8.1 was released to manufacturing, there's still no new name announced for SkyDrive yet.

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  • Free

    Costs something, free?
    The regular Skydrive is free and used to have plenty of space, new users get much less.
    This is supposed to be different, just with a similar name.
    • Huh?

      No, the Pro version is not free.
      Michael Alan Goff
    • Did you read..

      the article? This is for SharePoint users. This is for businesses, not for individuals. The customers are already paying for access to the service, they are just getting more storage for their money.
  • Just another Microsoft blunder

    Everything is in a name. Why did Microsoft do such a thing as take a copyrighted name? Its as bad as naming former Hotmail, Outlook. How confusing is that? When you already have a Application called Outlook. Really? Microsoft. Can't your people do any better then this?
    • Really enjoy these kind of people

      Solution is always be, if you hate/dont like them, move to others you like. Why this kind of people loves to hate you is beyond me.
    • A blunder?

      Giving users more storage is a blunder?

      Are you serious?

      And the name problem? They said they were changing it.

      What's there to cry about? Everybody wins.
    • Copyright

      I don't understand the copyright issue

      Skydrive != Sky Broadcasting Group

      How did MS lose this battle? Does this mean that any product with the name Sky must change their name?
    • If I was the SkyDrive product manager...

      I would not have expected that a digital TV concern (branded as BSkyB or Sky) would have conflicted with my brand. But, such is life.

      The one I can't figure out is "Metro". The Paris Metro has been around forever. The Montreal Metro has been around since the 60s, the King County (Seattle) Metro system since the 70s (and, I suspect that the "design language" was greatly influenced by both of those systems - they both rely on text and simple symbology).

      There's a Metro grocery chain in Montreal that actually predates the subway system, but stole the name from the planned subway. It predates the German Metro grocery chain (which started in the 60s, according to Wikipedia).

      How the name for a graphic design language conflicts with a grocery chain is beyond me.
  • They should call it eyeDrive just to tick everyone off

    Looking for your documents? Look in out eyeDrive.
    A Gray
    • Sounds good

      Or they could call it "Uranus Drive" Uranus is the greek goddess of sky. So if its slow and your pissed off with it, you could call it "Anus Drive".
    • Partial

      But i will got with the common name that is giving.
      Anthony E
      • That's super clever

        Because no other cloud is subject to the NSA spying thing, right?
        Michael Alan Goff
  • SkyDrive Pro: No new name (yet) but now with more storage

    That's a lot of storage. Your business can run entirely on Microsoft's servers with the storage and Microsoft Office 365. Employees with quotas. Businesses will be jumping at the chance to sign up.
  • Why spend so much?

    if you are looking for a good cloud service, try out COPY, you can start from 22GB FREE here: Copy lets you sync ANY folder no matter where it is on your computer. Even external drives! You can't do that with Google Drive or Dropbox
    • Considering DropBox was just hacked

      Why should I trust a company to secure my information when I haven't even heard of them?
  • Which cloud can you trust ?

    I suspect the only cloud that you can trust, is a cloud that is sitting on your own linux server. Anything else has backdoors for big govth to access at their will.
  • New Name Guess

    I think they will go with some of their current branding and go with: OfficeDrive

    A clever name might be WinDrive (short for Wind Drive or Windows Drive).
  • How about "SeaDrive"?

    They are based in Seattle, and the "C-Drive" harkens back to their heritage.

    I don't want to store my data in the clouds, I want to keep it nice and moist in the sea.
  • My though is LiveDrive

    Live is really their other new platform name...I'd looks for Office365 to jump to OfficeLive eventually as well.

    LiveDrive with OfficeDrive and SKype could become LiveCall or something....then Microsoft could copyright the word Live and play the SKY game.