Skype rolls out 6.2 updates for Windows, Mac

Skype rolls out 6.2 updates for Windows, Mac

Summary: MIcrosoft's Skype division has rolled out new updates for Windows and Mac users, both of which include support for 'eGifting' of Skype credits.


On February 13, Microsoft's Skype team rolled out two new updates, both labeled as version 6.2, for Windows and Mac.


The Windows version includes a redesigned top toolbar that brings together main actions, like calling phones, creating groups and adding contacts. It also includes "eGifting," or the ability to send Skype credits to users on their birthday which the recipients can use any time.

Another feature in the Skype 6.2 for Windows release includes the option to send an instant message using ctrl+enter. This version drops support for PCs using Intel Pentium 3 or similar CPUs which don't support SSE2 instructions.

The Skype for Mac 6.2 update includes the same eGifting capability. It also adds support for one-way SMS without the addition and verification of the user's mobile number.

The Mac update includes several bug fixes, including problems with signing out of Facebook, and issues around the display of Messenger contacts in a Skype contact group.

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  • Any word for Windows Phone 8?

    Skype on Windows Phone 8 is still in beta version and it's not that great, notifications don't work most of the time.

    Do they have a date for the full version? Microsoft should have had that nailed down for WP8 release date... bad move.

    I also hope they will fix the rest of the Android version. They might have put video call back on portrait mode for Android tablets, but the app itself is still landscape only which is annoying on 7" tablet... I use the tablet mostly portrait.
    • Good question

      I wonder if they intend to roll out version for low end Windows Phone 7 devices, like Lumia 620. For now many mi friends use alternatives like Viber, but everyone want Skype.
      • Edit

        Should be "like Lumia 610".
    • Skype on WP8

      Still no word on when there will be an update and/or the final version available for this. Will keep asking. MJ
      Mary Jo Foley
      • This is getting farcical. WP8 GA+3months

        and Skype STILL in beta? Are they clueless over there. Does the Skype team have no pride or is MS not really "all in" on WP8. I feel sorry for the WP8 team. Management has completely screwed them.
        Johnny Vegas
        • beta

          isn't every Google item in beta forever
  • Windows and Mac... note the omission

    Note the key words 'Windows' (shame it does not look to be a Metro program) and 'Mac'. Where's your Linux now then?
    • Windows Store App

      version does exist and is great.
      • Fantastic

        Excellent news!
        • Cleanup the UI

          From the screenshot it looks like they are cleaning the UI up slowly, very slowly. The Skype version form the Windows Store is the best looking Skype available. It is clean and very easy to use. This should be the goal of the Windows and Mac versions as well.
      • Great???

        Surely, you are not referring to the Windows Store App in Windows 8. Besides missing features and the ability to modify the settings, it forces you to include your Microsoft email account as the primary contact point for Skype.
        I have a paid subscription to Skype along with a Skype call number. I installed Windows 8's Skype app. After a couple hours of unwanted calls and recordings that my computer was ready to crash, I promptly deleted the app.
        Unless it is Microsoft's intention to spearhead scareware and customer abuse, I would say it is far too early to claim the latest updates as "great".
        Btw, when I deleted Skype app, I noticed other tiles were missing from my "Metro". I also noticed that my Skype preferred settings and photo had changed without my approval.
        • Missing Tiles

          Just realized the Mail, Calendar, Messenger and People tiles were removed along with Skype app.
          Is this the new Microsoft mindset? "If you don't want to play with me, I'll just take my toys and go pout in the corner!"
          • You probably removed your Microsoft account from the device.

            You re-add your Microsoft account
    • Linux

      I'd think it's still being worked on.

      Maybe they're dong a lot of bug fixes.
      Michael Alan Goff
  • email notifications yet?

    Glad to see an update to Skype, which my system has applied yet. However, MS replaced with and Messenger with Skype, but Skype cannot not notify you of new emails like Messenger could. :(
    Bruce Lang
  • cant open it

    cant open skype 6.2 ? downloaded from skype installed as normal signed in but cant open from the skype icon or taskbar in windows 7 64Bit? had to go back to bug reported here and here
  • thoughts

    -There's still a lot of work to do. And the Metro version is pretty useless. I just use the desktop anyways.

    - I wonder how many people are still using P3s, other than enthusiasts that want to show off old hardware or museums. Most people are on Core 2s or i3/i5/i7's, with maybe a few holdouts on P4s.

    If you are *somehow* still on a P3, let's face it - it's been well over 10 years, you knew this was coming, there's really no excuse. In fact, it's likely that a lot of *other* software stopped supporting it a long time ago as well.
    • I still have a P3

      But it's running textmode Linux as a file server, I wouldn't even think of it for modern OS.

      Also got an old P2 With Windows 98 to play old games from the late 90s.

      But the rest are all Core2 and up.
  • How about a Skype v 5.0 already for smartphones and tablets?

    It's quite an annoyance that i can't group video call to users with smartphones with Skype. To keep those poor souls somewhat in the loop, i must split off a copy of my video and stream it via Ustream when I group video call with other PC users. And then those mobile users get the video with a major delay.

    C'mon Skype, let's not leave half of the world out from group video calls.
  • Linux

    What about the Skype update for Linux? Just kidding.
    Sebastian Tristan