Skype's Abysmal Service - An Independent Review

Skype's Abysmal Service - An Independent Review

Summary: Here is an excellent review and tests of Skype service in the U.K.


Here is an excellent review and tests of Skype service in the U.K. In a nutshell, dropped calls, poor quality, no response from Skype.

Skype Drops the Ball on Free Calls

I would only add one comment. My brother tried to call me over the weekend, to use up the last few SkypeOut minutes that he had left since giving up on Skype a year ago. The connection was so bad, and the quality was so poor, that the first thing he said after I went to the computer and connected to him with ooVoo was "Thank God I'm not putting any more money into that Skype garbage!"

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  • Skype's Abysmal Service - An Independent Review

    It's a relief to see that people are talking about how pants Skype is -- I gave up on it after trying it for three months. I don't miss those horrible echoey, clipped, dropped calls one bit.

    I can see one major use for it though. Skype's call quality is like a window on telephony history -- you can use it to teach youngsters what calls to Thailand were like in the 1970s.

    And they'll finally understand why their gran keeps saying --"ooh, the line's very clear" whenever they call her...