Slacker Radio releases major UI update for iOS, Android, and BlackBerry 10

Slacker Radio releases major UI update for iOS, Android, and BlackBerry 10

Summary: Streaming and subscription music services are great for those of us who like to have all the latest and greatest music while also enjoying the discovery of music. Slacker Radio just released a major design update across mobile platforms.

Slacker Radio releases major UI update for iOS, Android, and BlackBerry 10

Looking at my Galaxy Note II this morning, I noticed an update for Slacker Radio, one of my favorite streaming music services. This major update delivers to various platforms a completely new and fresh -- and long overdue -- UI.

Slacker Radio also now offers a client for BlackBerry 10 that I look forward to trying out on the Z10.

I enjoy streaming music and the discovery that these clients provide. One of am favorite services is Slacker Radio and after looking at my Galaxy Note II this morning I saw an update. It turns out that this update is a MAJOR update for various platforms that brings a completely new and fresh UI, which was long overdue in my opinion. I was also very pleased to see they now have a client for BlackBerry 10 available and look forward to trying it out on the Z10.


You can now install the new version of Slacker on your Android, iOS, or BlackBerry 10 device. I checked on my Nokia Lumia 920 and do not see an updated client for Windows Phone, but mine also shows only an AT&T sponsored version of Slacker Radio since this is an AT&T exclusive device so they may have also updated the Windows Phone version. Slacker Radio is also available on other platforms and devices, such as Sonos, Nokia, and vehicle systems.

As you can see at the store links above and in the couple of screenshots I included here, the UI is improved over the previous UI. Actually, this UI has a Windows Phone Metro feel to it, which may be why the Windows Phone version was not updated. It is now much easier to jump into the app and get to your channels than it was with the previous version that was very list-based.


Slacker Radio has three subscription models. There is an ad-based free version that doesn't support offline station caching and limits your song skips. The $3.99/month Slacker Radio Plus removes ads, gives you unlimited song skips, lets you download stations to your mobile phone, and more. The $9.99/month Slacker Radio Premium service gives you everything, including playing specific songs and albums on demand, playing single artist stations, and support for playlist creation and download to mobile. I used to be a Premium subscriber and with this new version on all my favorite platforms I plan to join up again.

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  • Why must every "upgrade" FUGLIFY the UI

    "Tiles" are FUGLY, a waste of space and really nasty. So is this "flat UI" metaphor that seems to be trending now.

    • No it's only you

      Tiles are easier to see and click, unlike uninspiring design like icons that look like dull and old Windows 3.1
    • Some people like tiles

      Also, screen sizes are getting bigger on phones as the years progress.

      Michael Alan Goff
  • my hats off

    To you Matthew, I doubt several bloggers from several sites would have mentioned the availability of Slacker for BB10
  • took it for a spin today

    definitely an improvement. like the new features. interesting to see BB10 as the third wheel instead of WP8.
  • Why pay 3.99 or 9.99 per month?

    I use Tune-In Radio - under 1dollar for the Pro version which allows recording. Is this so much better?
    Rajeev George