Smartphone App Wrap: Movies, Twitter, games, and exercise

Smartphone App Wrap: Movies, Twitter, games, and exercise

Summary: So many apps, so little time! Every week, mobile gadgeteer Matt Miller reports on new and useful apps for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry 10.


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  • (Image: Hulu)

    Hulu Plus

    Platform: Windows Phone

    Price: Free

    Microsoft killed the ability to rent and purchase movies from Xbox Marketplace on Windows Phone 8. There are ways to stream video content, and the latest application to support this launched this week. With the Hulu Plus app, you can view video content on your Windows Phone device.

  • (Image: Hulu)

    Hulu Plus

    Platform: Windows Phone

    Price: Free

    While the app is free, you will need to be a Hulu Plus subscriber to enjoy video content.

  • (Image: Kisai Labs)


    Platform: BlackBerry 10

    Price: $2.99

    Twitter is included in BlackBerry 10, but third-party developers have been making Twitter apps for other platforms. I used Blaq on my PlayBook, so I was very pleased to see Blaq appear for BB10.

    Blaq has a slick UI on BB10, and I have been using it on the Z10. You swipe from left to right to access different parts of Twitter. When you select specific tweets, you swipe from right to left and then select options if you want to favorite, retweet, or perform other functions.

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  • Right up my alley..

    Movies, Games, Exercise, and Twitter. Toss in Facebook and you will have 5 things I don't do.
  • The Gallery page layout ...

    needs improvement. I would like to be able to scroll all the way to the bottom of a picture and its caption (especially since they are both growing "taller" than they were in the beginning) without scrolling all the way BACK UP to the top to go to the next frame.

    Not only are there no "previous | next" links at the bottom, but what APPEARS to be a pair of such links, the arrows at the left and right, are actually to the previous/next GROUP of frames.