Smartphone roundup: Competition gets tighter (March edition)

Smartphone roundup: Competition gets tighter (March edition)

Summary: Everyone wants to know how the launch of the Samsung Galaxy 4 will affect the intense rivalry between Apple and Samsung. Plus, see what other candidates are aiming for the top.

TOPICS: Smartphones

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  • (Image: Nokia)

    Nokia Lumia

    Another company desperate to compete is Microsoft with its Windows Phones. Here's Nokia with two more devices in its Lumia Windows Phone series to offer devices across the price and specification spectrum.

  • (Image: Andy Smith/ZDNet)

    Huawei Ascend P2

    China should not be overlooked in the global smartphone market. Recently, at Mobile World Congress (MWC), the Huawei Ascend P2 was introduced. Huawei claims it's one of the fastest smartphones in the world, with download speeds of 150Mbps (network willing).

  • (Image: Andy Smith/ZDNet)

    Galaxy Note II

    Here's the list of the top smartphones to kick off 2013. Now that the HTC One has been revealed, Matthew Miller has updated his current top 10. The iPhone was at the top of list for quite a while, but no more.

Topic: Smartphones

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  • Slide 2 is VERY photo-shopped

    iphone as large as the other phones, I don't think so, maybe in 2008 where the phone is stuck in.
  • Nexus 4?

    Did you forget this one?
    Peter Sabin
    • It's called March Edition for a reason...

      and the Nexus 4 was released in November. (officially, anyways)

      Performance wise, the N4 will not be able to match any of the new Android devices, and is therefore not a contender, even if the N4 hasn't been launched in your country.
  • What the heck is a Lumina?

    Oh.... you just forgot to proof read. Now I get it.
  • Who are you Andy Smith?

    Your article is not great journalism by a very long shot... it is a series of single photo pages, (to maximise page views?) and the content is pretty much just links to other zdnet articles. About half way through the slides, you give up even profiling phones, and profile other stories instead. There is no photo of you, and your bio is an error 404 page. WHO ARE YOU?
    • Welcome to ZDNet.

      You must be new.
      • Point taken... I've seen some of this before!

        They are way too fond of the clunky photo thing, I hate that! But some of the writers actually write articles, not just stale link-laden puffery like this, IMHO ...and most of them have faces and bios!
  • Nokia Lumia 920

    Mw wife likes her Nokia Lumia 920 much more than she did her Samsung Android phone. Way. Lots. Much easier to use and much more intuitive.