Snapdragon 600 and 'iPhone 5S' puts Qualcomm in a strong position: Analyst

Snapdragon 600 and 'iPhone 5S' puts Qualcomm in a strong position: Analyst

Summary: It seems that the 2013 mobile landscape belongs to Qualcomm, partly due to the success the company is having with its Snapdragon 600 silicon, and Apple's expected production ramp of the iPhone 5S.


During 2012, we saw Qualcomm, Nvidia, and even Samsung scrabble for a piece of the mobile processor market. This year seems to be a "clean sweep" for Qualcomm's Snapdragon 600-series silicon, said one analyst.

(Image: Qualcomm)

According to Vijay Rakesh of the analyst firm Stene Agee, Qualcomm's 8960 processor faced stiff competition during 2012 from Nvidia's Tegra 3 — a processor that was heavily adopted at the time by HTC and LG for its handsets— and Samsung's own Exynos processor. However, fortunes at Qualcomm have changed with the release of the Snapdragon 600, with Samsung, HTC, and LG all increasing adoption. The losers here are Nvidia, which is having a hard time gaining traction with its Tegra 4i platform, and Samsung's own Exynos processor.

The Snapdragon 600-series' killer feature is that it offered 40 to 75 percent better performance compared to the 8960, while at the same time significantly slashing power consumption. It also simplified handset design by incorporating support for 4G long-term evolution (LTE), Wi-Fi, USB, Bluetooth, and FM radio.

'We believe Qualcomm will pick up significant smartphone share on multiple platforms into 2Q/June," said Rakesh in a statement to ZDNet. "There have been numerous reports that Qualcomm could supply up to 70 percent of the Galaxy S4s, supplying to both US and European S4 models versus only US on the prior S3 platform."

(Image: Qualcomm)

Rakesh said that the almost 100 million Samsung Galaxy S4 handsets reportedly having been pre-ordered will give Qualcomm a "good tailwind". Another piece of good news for Qualcomm will, according to Rakesh, be Apple's ramping up of production of the iPhone 5S — or whatever it ends up being called — toward the end of this year. While Qualcomm doesn't supply the processor for the iPhone — this is an Apple part manufactured by Samsung — the company does currently supply the RF transceiver, baseband processor, and power management chips. Rakesh expects Qualcomm to have an equally strong presence within the new iPhone.

It looks like it is going to be a good year for Qualcomm, so much so that Sterne Agee is raising its target price for Qualcomm from $74 to $75, while also raising the estimates for processors shipped during that quarter from 164.6 million to 171.8 million.

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  • Which GS4s will have Qualcomm inside?

    I thought most were going to be Exynos.
    x I'm tc
    • Actually, it's the other way around.

      Most will have Qualcomm's chip due to not being able to produce enough of the Exynos
      • Wow

        That is a big win for Qualcomm.
        x I'm tc
  • iphonenet or Applenetnet

    Samsung that has started using qualcom is not enough to make headline except Apple that will start to demand for it next year
  • Snapdragon poo

    Samsung GS4 is using quad A15 with about 200% processing power of the old A9 quad and this krait600 with45-75% increase over the old krait 300 is supposed to be premium?
    snapdragon socs are not for the top shelf phones. they are the like the Integrated graphics compromise in the PC world and targeted at value rather than outright performance.
    The crap GS4 versions will get the crippled snapdragon just like with the GS3 and Note1.
  • nexus 7

    I read that the 2nd generation was Snapdragon 600, replacing the Tegra3 from nVidia.
  • --

    Assdroids, I have something to tell ya

    Its not about numbers, its the experience:

    1: Camera
    If 8MP can do a better job than 10MP, they wont change it just for the sake of increasing the numbers. iPhone 5S now has the best camera because of dual-led flash, bigger pixel (all of them), image processing (which is years ahead of anything in a mobile device).

    2: OS
    Most manufacturers today are increasing processor cores to sell faster phones, but a real tech guy will tell you that if the software is efficient, you don't need that many. Thats why iOS never lags, its fluid, responsive. iOS is very very advanced. With 5S they made it even better, 64-bit. Doubles the performance instantly, saves battery life as no additional processor core is required. It will take at least 2 more years for anyone to come up with a 64-bit hardware software mobile platform.

    3: PPI
    Anything above 330 PPI is as good as 330 PPI, so there is no point in making 400+ PPI screens that only suck battery life. The only advantage is that they can fool the consumer in thinking its better.

    4: Widgets
    They suck battery life, complicate home screen, incompatible with new software updates, a headache to make sure if a user is using an old widget, it gets updated to work with a new version of Android. BTW, who the hell wants to see the weather all the time you unlock the phone ? .. widgets are once again only a selling point as consumers are not that knowledgeable.

    5: Apps
    Great apps can only be made on a great platform, which is the operating system+hardware. The new M7 chip in iPhone 5S will enable new apps impossible on any other device.

    6: A software feature is NOT Innovation
    Apple does not believe in adding baby features, that are more gimmicks for marketing, but real stuff that makes great apps or a great phone. NFC, air-view, eye scrolling, touch less talk, air gestures are all NOT REQUIRED!!! and are not INNOVATION. To solve a big problem or making something a lot better without sacrificing too much is called INNOVATION.

    7: Siri
    Once I read "Google now is years ahead of Siri". But on a recent comparison, they both fared almost the same. Why is that huh ? Isn't it supposed to be years ahead. Also I saw a CNet video comparison of the two in which clearly Siri could do a lot more in terms of productivity than google now. It only failed in some stupid things one wouldn't need to do with a voice assistance.

    8: Screen Size
    Of course, 5 is better than 4, so is 6 and 7. So is samsung going to make a mobile phone which is 7 inches ? Once again the idea is to fool the consumer with numbers without taking into account battery life, ease of use, apps compatibility with new resolution. Apple will never ship a device that has so many user experience related drawbacks.

    9: Philosophy
    Apple believes in making the best possible phone giving users a best possible experience. They don't sell their phone with numbers, but actually work to make it better without it. Every company markets their products aggressively, why single out Apple. The control center is a perfect example. Instead of cramming every single possible setting+notification in the pull down menu, Apple decided to split the two in iOS 7, making it simpler, elegant and more functional with a few handy controls which is all that is needed.

    (Android vs Apple) == (More vs Better)