SOA market grew faster than expected, survey says

SOA market grew faster than expected, survey says

Summary: Service oriented architecture framework and software revenues grew 24% over original projections in the year 2011.

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A new research calculates that the service oriented architecture market experienced significant growth in 2011, and now represents a total global market value of $5.518 billion. This is up from $3.987 billion in 2010 -- 38% growth.

trade-data-US International Trade Administration

The SOA market grew faster than expected over the past year -- it was expected to reach $4.436 billion, according to Companies and Markets. So, the market grew 24% faster than expected.

The SOA market in North America is set to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11.5% through 2014, the report states.

What's behind the rapid growth? "More frameworks are needed to build cloud computing and more infrastructure is needed in the data center to interconnect applications using middleware," the report says. "Aggressive marketing by leading IT solutions vendors such as IBM and Oracle, who view SOA as a vital emerging market is also acting as a key factor behind the increasing momentum of service oriented architecture ecosystems.

No further information is available without purchasing the report, but it's nonetheless notable to see an attempt to size the SOA-related market.

Not clear either is if this includes the costs of skills needed to put this all together.

(Illustration: US International Trade Association.)

Topics: Cloud, Tech Industry

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    Hello, Joe. This is E.G.Nadhan, Distinguished Technologist, HP Enterprise Services.

    Thank you for sharing the intriguing results of this survey. You have provided just enough teasers to trigger some speculation in the mind of the reader, which in turn, is likely to yield some additional thoughts.

    Since I don't have access to this report, I began to wonder as well about the possible factors that influenced this more-than-expected growth of SOA.

    In this post - - I detail the various factors that I believe contributed to its sustained adoption and growth over the years.

    Please check out my post at your convenience and let me know what you think.

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